Courtesy Cal Abbo.

Throughout The Collegian’s history, many reporters have said that Hillsdale fashion is, well, maybe not the best.

For instance, on April 1, 1993, The Col­legian ran an article entitled “Hillsdale Named Worst Dressed.”

However, on Sept. 18, 1986, these sen­ti­ments changed. 

Col­legian staff reporter Libby Clifton made the bold claim, “Hillsdale Fashion Capital of World?” 

Move over Milan — this could be huge news. 

Clifton said, “Every Hillsdale student has basic neces­sities of dress which are needed to survive the rig­orous schedule of college life. Two, which are the most char­ac­ter­istic of women at Hillsdale, are seen reg­u­larly.” 

According to Clifton, these are the jean jacket and the over­sized men’s oxford shirt. 

I can’t argue with either of those, but I wouldn’t say they are exactly ground­breaking in the fashion game.Throughout the article it became clear that while some wear Versace, others Prada, the fashion elite of Hillsdale College sport sweat­shirts. 

Clifton wrote, “On any given day, a casual stroll through the Union can present enough letters to fill a can of GREEK alphabet soup.” 

She con­tinued, “Soror­ities and fra­ter­nities have created color schemes that even the human eye cannot per­ceive. The once sym­bolic colors rep­re­sen­tative of each house, have evolved into every color com­bi­nation pos­sible, including white on white.” 

Sleek, inno­v­ative, daz­zling: all words I am expecting Vogue to use with regards to the Hillsdale fashion trend. 

Clifton also talked to the fashion icons them­selves, the stu­dents, for their input on these styles. 

She wrote, “Senior Trey Dolle com­mented, ‘Untied shoelaces are a sign of physical and mental frus­tration among Hillsdale males.”

Footwear as a metaphor for deeper struggles is truly a superior way to dress. 

Before we book a per­manent room at the Dow Hotel for Anna Wintour, let’s take a look at how fashion evolved in the fol­lowing years. 

On Sept. 21, 1989, Jen­nifer Lyon, MB Hal­iburda, and Amy Phillips wrote, “Rev­er­ently we inter­viewed an array of Hillsdale stu­dents to uncover their ‘likes’ and ‘dis­likes’ of the fashion scene on Hillsdale’s campus.” 

They con­tinued, “The biggest faux pas for men seems to be sporting black socks with ath­letic shoes, and for women, over­sized jumpers are out. Other don’ts include jean jackets worn with jeans, white socks worn with loafers, ribbed tank tops, and black Reeboks.” 

In addition, the reports wrote, “The guys expressed a dislike for bright make-up, espe­cially blue eye­shadow. They prefer girls to wear clothes that ‘fit’ rather than over-sized or tight clothes.” 

That is great fashion advice, buy clothes in your size. It is a really easy one to forget when you go shopping. 

With regards to male fashion, the reporters wrote, “Many girls prefer to see guys with the Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein look.” 

It’s no sur­prise that girls wanted boys who could afford designer fashion. I don’t know if that was nec­es­sarily breaking fashion news. 

At the end of the day, Hillsdale has always offered an array of styles ranging from hor­ri­fying to majestic and I predict this trend will con­tinue for years to come.