The first Evensong service to take place in Christ Chapel will be on Sunday, Feb. 2. Courtesy | Christa Green

Christ Chapel will open its doors to Evensong ser­vices for the first time at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Feb 2nd.

 “My hope is that it could be a way that we come together as a campus and worship together,” Father Adam Rick, Hillsdale College Chaplain, said. 

Evensong, one of music’s oldest choral tra­di­tions, is based on the long-estab­lished Christian tra­dition of singing scripture aloud to help direct the wor­shipper toward God. 

“Evensong is evening prayer, sung,” said Rick.

Rick, who will conduct the Evensong ser­vices, appealed to the sheer beauty of the service as a means of pointing its par­tic­i­pants to God.

As one of the prin­cipal moti­va­tions behind the Chapel’s con­struction, the Evensong per­for­mances are an attempt to pattern Hillsdale College after the structure exem­plified by some of England’s oldest uni­ver­sities. 

“Choral Even­songs are sung daily in all of the cathe­drals in England and all of the col­leges of Oxford and Cam­bridge,” Rick said. 

College Pres­ident, Larry Arnn has helped spearhead the project.

 “I fell in love with that service when I was at Oxford,” Arnn said. 

Arnn admires the com­plexity and meaning behind the Evensong service and says the College hopes to work toward a world-class Evensong choral program.

 “It’s trans­for­mative, and I hope that we achieve that, Arnn said. “I think we will.”