Ben Jagoda | Col­legian

How would you describe your style?

Fun. Classic. I try to be unique and per­sonal. 

What recent devel­op­ments have you seen in your own style?

I was very preppy when I came here, and I still some­times am, but I think I’ve def­i­nitely been influ­enced by friends who are more stylish. I just see what someone else is wearing and think, ‘I wonder if I could do that too,’ and then you just try. I’m def­i­nitely heavily influ­enced by my bank account. If I can find some­thing sec­ondhand that’s unique and not quite off-the-rack, I always go for that. And I would say the first year of college is very chaotic, so once you figure out what you like wearing, there’s some­thing a little con­stant that you’re like, “Yeah, I know I like this style.” I’ll just wear that and it becomes my look, and then people kind of know you cause, like, you wear those types of shoes or whatever.

Who or what are your main fashion inspi­ra­tions? 

Winona Ryder. Just because she’s cool, and not because I actually wear what she wears. Jodie Foster. I think every movie that I’ve seen Jodie Foster in, I’ve wanted to wear what she’s wearing. Also, Julia Roberts. It’s very pop culture influ­enced. And then, Audrey Hepburn, because she’s kind of like the perfect form of style.

Do you try to keep up with fashion trends or do you just stick to your own thing?

It’s really inter­esting to see what’s trending cause it just goes in cycles. In one way yes, but also no, because fashion trends come and go and I don’t want to buy new clothes all the time. So if I find some­thing that will probably always look good, then I’ll stick with that. 

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start devel­oping their own look?

Don’t be afraid to copycat someone else’s style just to try things out because nothing is truly original. You’ll always be copying someone. Even if you think you’re being unique, you’re just copying other people who are trying to be unique too. So don’t be afraid to copycat, also don’t be afraid to try some­thing crazy — like tights and combat boots. I’ve never done that. Play around with pat­terns and tex­tures. I think that’s the coolest thing about fashion. It’s so unique to humanity. It’s very tan­gible, and I like that.

Vika Nuñez is a sophomore. This interview was con­ducted and com­piled by Ben Jagoda.