The debate team sent two members this past weekend to a tour­nament at McK­endree Uni­versity. Junior Katrina Torsoe broke to quarter finals in the novice division and placed 6th for the speaker award. Freshman Thomas Curro broke to quar­ter­finals in novice.

“Even though I lost in quarters, I feel really good about my own growth as a debater and my abil­ities going forward. I’m excited for what the rest of the year will bring,” Torsoe said. “I’m also super proud of Thomas for breaking in novice, a goal that he has been steadily working towards. He has a lot of potential.” 

Only five tour­na­ments in, there is much more in store for the team.

“The season thus far has been great. The freshman class has a lot of talent, and has made our already won­derful team dynamic even better,” Torsoe said, “We’ve had a lot of success this year as a team, making it far at every tour­nament, and even winning several.”

The team cur­rently has 13 members qual­ified for the National Forensic Asso­ci­ation National Cham­pi­onship Tour­nament. 

“That’s actually more than normal. We usually have about eight to 10,” coach Matthew Doggett said. 

Doggett said that while he doesn’t know if the budget will allow for all qual­ified to attend, he doesn’t foresee that as being an issue.

“If they want to go, I would like to take them,” Dogett said. “Usually, not everybody can go because it’s in April and people have stuff at the end of April. I don’t think the budget will factor in. It’ll be more or less school and aca­d­emics.”