When physics just isn’t making sense or you need help mem­o­rizing the last few quote IDs for your Great Books exam, every good student knows to call in the big leagues, aka those friends that are smarter and better at school than you. Group study can be great, but if you’re too loud, it can also get you kicked out of the library. Here are a few places where you and your buds can hit the books and avoid dis­turbing the stu­dious masses. 


Classroom in Kendall or Lane:

The large class­rooms of the aca­demic buildings are perfect for the bois­terous study group. White­boards and the ability to access the internet on the pro­jectors can take your study sesh to the next level. 


Fishbowl in the fine arts building:

This hidden gem on the top floor of the fine arts building is the spot for serious group study. The fine arts building is pretty quiet as a general rule, making this the perfect spot for when you need to cram for that ridiculous final but don’t want to disturb anyone.


Fishbowl at the library:

If you’re okay with being stared at by all of campus, study in the fishbowl at the entrance of Mossey library. You may become dis­tracted by your friends- and perhaps enemies- passing by; however, it’s right near the student union, giving you unfet­tered access to AJ’s for all your brain food needs.


AJ’s Cafe:

Repeat after me: “AJ’s is a ter­rible place to study.” The noise and activity in the favorite campus hangout spot are not exactly con­ducive for hitting the books alone. It can be, however, a great place to start working on that final group project that you def­i­nitely should have started a month ago.