A Snapchat video posted on @BarstoolDale cap­tures a fight that occurred on Hal­loween between the Simpson, Gal­loway, Nied­feldt, and Whitley dor­mi­tories. | Instagram

A horn sounded in the dis­tance: the cue for a mul­titude of male Hillsdale College stu­dents to charge toward each other. Fake swords clashed, makeshift clubs smashed the ground, and boys wrestled amidst the chaos. When the battle ceased, the newly-laid grass in the Quad was torn, and many boys were beaten, bruised, or injured.

This was the battle on the Quad, and it should never happen ever again.

For some reason, the res­i­dents of Nied­feldt and Simpson dor­mi­tories thought it would be a good idea to use our newly-ren­o­vated Quad to battle the Gal­loway and Whitley dorms on the night of Halloween.

It started when Nied­feldt cap­tured what Whitley calls their “sacred relic and patron saint” — a pillow with actor Nicolas Cage printed on it.

“Nied­feldt held Nicolas Cage captive and threatened to martyr him if we did not fight them,” freshman Hunter Law said.
In an attempt to regain the pillow, Whitley rumbled on the Quad with Gal­loway. Par­tic­i­pants called it “The Holy Crusade of the Quad.”

Though I didn’t witness the battle, it was impos­sible to ignore the holes in the grass of the Quad and dining-room con­ver­sa­tions about the battle the next day.

One student showed a video of boys swinging at each other, picking each other up, and throwing each other around. Weapons con­sisted of water bal­loons and foam-covered PVC pipes. Some stu­dents wore clown makeup in what seemed to be a battle tactic to inspire fear.

These boys seem to somehow have free time for a battle on the Quad. But the battle was unnec­essary and absurd. It caused injuries and wrecked the grass on the Quad.

“We all ran to the Quad, which was basi­cally a half-frozen puddle of muddy slush,” freshman David Diaz said. “The grass sod was coming apart.”

Dorms are for living and sleeping, not the forming of cults. It seems as if the res­i­dents of the dorms are con­vinced otherwise.

It reminds me of a fra­ternity. They wear matching shirts, compete in Home­coming, and appar­ently, fight in the Quad. Yet many resist Greek life.

Some obvious perks of turning your dorm into a fra­ternity-like envi­ronment include no extra dues and not having to wear letters.

The battle ended cor­dially, with both sides coming together high-fiving each other. But it still damaged the new Quad and risked injury.

Some may see fra­ternity life as ram­bunc­tious and encour­aging harmful behavior, but clearly dorm life isn’t any better. If any­thing, its effects are more evident.

Reagan Gen­siejewski is a sophomore studying rhetoric and public address.