The Hillsdale Police Department responded to 21 com­plaints of vehicle break-ins over a seven-day period starting Tuesday, Oct. 29. Julia Mullins | Col­legian

The Hillsdale Police Department responded to 21 com­plaints of vehicle thefts over a seven-day period starting Tuesday, Oct. 29, according to Hillsdale City Chief of Police Scott Hephner. The indi­vidual or indi­viduals respon­sible have yet to be found.

Hephner said the majority of com­plaints were made within a 72-hour period, and all of the vehicles were reported to have been unlocked. No arrests have been made, but Hephner said this is an on going inves­ti­gation. 

“Our detective has been checking with busi­nesses for potential video of sub­jects out during the night; however, we do not have any­thing of quality at this time.” Hephner said in an email.

Hillsdale College junior Megan Kerr’s car, parked on Hillsdale Street, was broken into. 

Hers was the only one in a line of cars outside of Waterman Dor­mitory that was affected. Kerr said her car was unlocked because she does not leave any valu­ables in it.

“I usually don’t lock my car, because I’ve never in my three years here felt the need to lock my car,” Kerr said.

On Oct. 29, Kerr noticed that the light was on in her car but didn’t know why. 

Her head res­ident assistant offered to turn it off for her. 

It wasn’t until the next evening when Kerr realized her car had been broken into. The thief had left the car door open, so her battery was almost dead. The thief had also disheveled the car.

“I saw my car just com­pletely trashed; things were every­where,” Kerr said. “Things were com­pletely sorted through. My glove com­partment was com­pletely torn apart. It was very star­tling to come across.”

Despite the mess, the only thing Kerr rec­og­nized to be stolen was her chap­stick.

“Of all the things they could have stolen, they stole my chap­stick,” Kerr said.

Because nothing of impor­tance was stolen, Kerr did not report the break-in to the police.

Hillsdale College Campus Security said it urges people to keep their car doors locked and be aware of the sit­u­ation. 

“Watch your cars. The ones that are locked aren’t being messed with, so keep them locked,” Hillsdale College Security Officer Pat Cal­ligan said.