Christa Green | Courtesy

The Office of the Chaplain, in con­junction with numerous student min­istry groups, has planned an all campus worship service for Monday, Nov. 25 at 6:30 p.m. in Christ Chapel. Father Adam Rick, Hillsdale College’s Chaplain, said the idea ini­tially sprang from the faculty.  

“They desired to see an oppor­tunity for campus to come together as one family to give thanks to God for the chapel because the main ded­i­cation service did not have room for everybody,” he said. “The idea has since matured into a student-led ini­tiative to come together for cor­porate prayer inside the chapel to offer our­selves to God’s service within it.”

Student rep­re­sen­ta­tives from the Anglican Student Fel­lowship, Catholic Society, Equip Min­istries, Inter­Varsity, Lutheran Society, and Orthodox Christian Fel­lowship worked with the chaplain to craft the service.

“I reached out to the student min­istries to get rep­re­sen­ta­tives from each of them who would be willing to brain­storm what the event might look like,” said Father Rick. 

Phil Berntson, vice pres­ident of Catholic Society, said he hopes the service will have a uni­fying effect. 

“The service is a good way to get everyone together even if we don’t all believe the same things,” said Berntson. “We are all Chris­tians sharing the same space and it’s important that it’s done out of good faith with each other.”

Senior Michelle Reid has been involved in planning Intervarsity’s con­tri­bution to the service. 

“Father Adam told us leaders when we all met that this service was a blank slate that the admin­is­tration wanted stu­dents to help craft,” Reid said in an email. “I’m excited to see how this service blends beau­tiful ele­ments from all the tra­di­tions we bring to the table.”

Father Rick said the event will include scripture, chant, cor­porate prayers, and hymns.

“Our intent was to design a service that was gen­uinely reflective of the diversity of campus,” Rick said. “Dr. Arnn will give some com­ments on the sacred use of the chapel and what it’s for and I will give a brief address from the scripture readings. Min­istries have his­tor­i­cally all done their own thing and we’ve never done any­thing like this before, coming together to do what we have in common.”