The sanc­tuary of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Hillsdale. S. Nathaniel Grime | Col­legian

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church will be holding its first-ever Advent Hymn Fes­tival, open to all members of the com­munity.

The event, which will be held on Dec. 1 at 6 p.m., will feature a variety of reli­gious hymns with both vocal and instru­mental music. The idea behind this fes­tival was to bring together all of the dif­ferent musical talents at the church, according to Sean Willman, asso­ciate pastor at St. Paul’s. It is a time, he said, for cel­e­brating and rejoicing in the beginning of a new church year as the Advent season starts.

“We will sing hymns. We will hear scrip­tures of prophecy,” Willman said. “Part of the joy when you do a hymn fes­tival is that it gives you an oppor­tunity to sing some hymns you might not hear on Sunday. You can be exposed to some new stuff and learn some new music.”

Hillsdale College senior Nathan Grime is spear­heading the event, Willman said, and he has orga­nized the songs to be played and sung.

According to Willman, there will be two main ben­efits from the fes­tival: It’s a chance for com­munity members to take a rest from their daily lives, and attendees can cel­e­brate beau­tiful music as well.

“We can rejoice in all the gifts we have together here in the com­munity,” he said. “It’s not just Nathan on the organ bench or me preaching. We all get to do this, to use our voices and come together as a com­munity.”

Senior Alyssa Walsh, who is a member of the St. Paul’s handbell choir, will also be playing flute at the event. She said in an email that Advent as a church season tends to be rushed past with the bustle from Thanks­giving to Christmas.

“Observing Advent gives more meaning to Christmas once it does come,” Walsh said. “I hope this hymn fes­tival will help remind us what Advent, and ulti­mately Christmas, really are about.”

Walsh said people should come for the beau­tiful music and stay afterward for hot chocolate to be served by the Lutheran Society.