Pro­fessor of History Dave Stewart teaching a class. Nolan Ryan

What’s your favorite movie? “Anna and the King.” What’s one piece of advice you would give to every Hillsdale College student? Go talk to your pro­fessors about the ideas you’re encoun­tering in the class, not just how to write the paper. What college did you attend, including both under­graduate and graduate schools? I went to Eastern Nazarene College in Boston, and then I went to Ohio State. Looking back on your college days, what is one thing you regret or wish you could change? I went to school in Boston, and I wish I would have been more active about seeing all the stuff. I never went to Lex­ington and Concord, I never went to Ply­mouth rock. All the sorts of stuff you would expect a history major should have done. What was your favorite part of being a student? Writing papers. What was your least favorite? The idiots in the dorm. What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled? Cer­danya. It is a huge valley up in Spain. Why? It’s got every­thing that is good about Spain without a lot of the bad. It is a very rural area with small farms, and people are really friendly. At the restau­rants, most of them are buying things from local farms. I look out the window and that cow is tomorrow’s lunch. What is the strangest thing that has hap­pened to you while trav­eling? I inad­ver­tently got swept into a com­munist protest march. What’s your favorite type of food? Any­thing with meat, but probably Cer­danyan. What do you dislike about living in Hillsdale? It is a long way from Spain. What’s your favorite class to teach? They’re like children, you love them all. Hon­estly it varies from any given week. I like all my classes, it depends how the stu­dents are responding. Some stu­dents, it sur­prises me some­times, will get really excited about some­thing and then that becomes really fun for me. What’s your biggest pet peeve about student behavior? You guys are wicked over­com­mitted. Where did you propose to your wife? In the parking lot of a shopping mall. What’s your favorite thing to do in Hillsdale? Taking my two little grand-kids to the park,  the dinosaur museum, the ice cream shop, or really any­where. They are so spastic running around and they think every­thing is so cool. Which is your favorite duck out of your rubber duck col­lection? Darkwing duck, of course! What is not to like about Darkwing duck? If you could change one thing about Hillsdale what would it be? I would take out that wall and make Dr. Blum move, and then I would have a bigger office. What news­papers do you read everyday? Online, not physical news­papers, but several out of England, The Straits Times, several out of Spain and France. Lots of them. What political topic is most important facing the nation? Probably primary edu­cation. What political topic do you think people spend way too much time talking about? The pres­i­dential pri­maries and the debates. What political topic is most inter­esting to you? The thing that fas­ci­nates me in political topics are boundary and border dis­putes. How do you resolve them and what do you do about people groups that are bisected by political bound­aries, those sorts of things.