During the 1960s, campus fash­ionista Terry Grieger wrote a fashion-focused column in an attempt to bring the trendiest styles to Hillsdale College.

Called Fashion Wise, this column offered advice for all aspects of fashion including hair­styles, makeup, and clothing choices by using fre­quent quo­ta­tions from the Cos­mopolitan Mag­azine and Harper’s Bazaar to report the hottest trends. 

For example, on Feb. 24, 1961 Grieger com­mented that the fashion styles mim­icked those worn by current First Lady Jackie O. The Col­legian reads, “The Jackie Kennedy look is sweeping the country and according to Oleg Cassini, her official Cou­turier, his tiny showroom has been mobbed.” 

The article con­tinued, “‘Our cus­tomers are ready to wear any sil­houette,’ said one man, ‘as long as Mrs. Kennedy’s dress­maker designs it.’” 

Inter­esting allusion to an unnamed man. It is always important to ensure the cred­i­bility of one’s sources. 

Grieger also updated Hillsdale stu­dents on popular acces­sories at the time. 

On Oct. 7, 1960, she wrote, “Worn this year are furry hats, fake or real, berets, pixies, golden jewelry strands and strands of necklace or the neat ini­tialed circle pin, the smaller bag, clutch and furry, soft pointed shoes and short gloves.”

Grieger also covered sea­sonal dress. 

On Dec. 8, 1960, Grieger pub­lished a Christmas-themed column. She wrote, “an added feature for the holiday hairdo is to spray streaks of color into the hair. One may try Christmas hues of red or green, or match a color to the dress worn.” 

This plays for a tailgate, but I don’t know if you want to exper­iment with streaks of red and green hair at the office Christmas party. 

Then again, Grieger is more cre­den­tialed to deliver fashion news than I am.

Another tip offered by Grieger: flowered ear muffs. On Dec. 8, 1960, she wrote, “Made of fresh flowers and other fresh-flower hair dec­o­ra­tions, they may turn into one of the winter hits for evening.” 

I am all for flower power fashion but this tip ignores certain real­ities. As I look out my window while writing this, all I see is snow and bare trees, and it is only November. What I do not see: some Christmas-themed fresh flowers for my ear­muffs. 

This lack of attention to weather sur­faced again on Feb. 17, 1961. Grieger wrote, “Although the weather outside and time of year doesn’t warrant it, the spot­light of fashion has turned away from winter clothes and is now cen­tered on spring wear.” 

I under­stand the hopeful appeal of looking ahead to warmer times, but the freezing tem­per­a­tures and impending frostbite might put a damper on those fashion plans. 

The Fashion Wise column appeared to have sig­nif­icant influence on the campus.

In a letter to the editor pub­lished on Oct. 27, 1960, a reader of the column wrote, “In regard to the column Fashion Wise; I tried the silver look com­plete with Minted Moon­light by Alexandra de Markoff, eye shadow glazed with silver and sequins.” 

It is always nice to hear that readers of The Col­legian gained some­thing for their efforts. 

Well, appar­ently not so nice. 

The letter con­tinued, “Frankly, I looked like hell. It is my sug­gestion that you dis­con­tinue to publish such mis­leading columns.” 

That’s a 0/10 on the eye­shadow, but a 10/10 on the candor. 

It is unknown whether Grieger changed the styles around campus, but we can all commend her for trying to improve the fashion sense of stu­dents.