The Hillsdale Academy Service Club is hosting its annual Turkey Trot this Sat­urday, Nov. 16 | Facebook

How did the turkey cross the finish line? He ran. 

The Hillsdale Academy Service Club is hosting its annual Turkey Trot for the com­munity this Sat­urday, Nov. 16 beginning at 9 a.m. at Hillsdale Academy. 

All pro­ceeds will go to St. Paul’s Ability Resource Center, which sup­ports people with devel­op­mental dis­abil­ities and their fam­ilies through local pro­gramming. 

For inter­ested runners, the cost is $5 to $15 per person depending on age and T‑shirt order. The 1600 meter, or one mile, race begins at 9 a.m. and is open to anyone in the third grade and older. 

The preschool run is 200 meters and begins at 9:30 a.m. Finally, the 600-meter race is open to kids in kinder­garten through second grade and begins at 9:35 a.m.

The event is open to stu­dents and the entire com­munity. 

Hillsdale Academy service club advisor Katherine Huffman said around 120 people have reg­is­tered for the trot as of Nov. 12, which is about the typical number of reg­is­tered par­tic­i­pants at this point. 

People can reg­ister up to the morning of the event, at which time there is an addi­tional $2 cost. 

As an all-com­munity event, Huffman said there are at least 10 local busi­nesses sup­porting the run. Each year the funds go toward a dif­ferent local char­i­table orga­ni­zation. Recent char­ities include St. Anthony’s Family Center Food Bank, the Sal­vation Army, and the Alpha Omega Care Center.

The Turkey Trot donated their funds to SPARC in past years as well. 

Director of SPARC Tamra Ryan said the funds will be going toward buying sup­plies for its art and cooking pro­grams, including all of the ingre­dients and gar­dening tools. The church hosts its own October fundraiser as well. 

Many stu­dents who attend Hillsdale Academy have a per­sonal con­nection with SPARC. 

“What’s inter­esting is that many Academy stu­dents have sib­lings who par­tic­ipate in SPARC, and that’s true for my family as well,” Ryan said. “My daughter attended Hillsdale Academy and my son has par­tic­i­pated in SPARC.” 

The annual event has taken place on-and-off since 2001. Pre­vi­ously, the National Honor Society ran the event, but now the service club has taken over the event. 

“I’m excited to see everyone come out and have fun while raising money for a good cause,” Huffman said. 

Those inter­ested in reg­is­tering can call Hillsdale Academy at (517) 439‑8644 or email 

“Stu­dents have been working hard so hope­fully it’s going to be a good day,” Huffman said. “It might be a little bit chilly so we’re going to bundle up and come out.”