The GOAL Program instagram page has fea­tured stu­dents who have shared their stories about how blood drives have helped them or their family members. Hillsdale GOAL | Courtesy

On Nov. 8, the Com­munity Health GOAL program will be hosting the Red Cross Blood Drive in the Student Union. 

The drive, orga­nized by Goal Com­munity Health leader Sarah Becker, will be in col­lab­o­ration with Simpson Dor­mitory and New Dorm. 

“Every semester the Red Cross comes in and col­lects blood,” Becker said. “Last fall, the blood drives began being orga­nized by GOAL Com­munity Health. So we work with a dif­ferent campus partner every time. This time we’re working with Simpson and New Dorm. They’ve been mobi­lizing their RAs to help with donor recruitment and some other efforts.”

Becker and her team are gearing up for a busy day on Friday.

“Our donation goal is 110 units,” she said. “We have that many appointment slots, and we have about 95 full right now, so it’s really exciting. I think this is the best shape we’ve been in at least as far as I’ve been running it.” 

Simpson Res­ident Assistant Reagan Dugan expressed his excitement about part­nering with Goal Com­munity Health. 

“I think it’s a cool oppor­tunity for the dorms and GOAL pro­grams to work together and use their resources for a good cause,” Dugan said. “It’s an easy way to serve some­thing bigger than yourself and make a pro­found impact.”

Giving blood is an easy way to give back to another person, according to Becker. 

“The first time I ever donated blood was last fall and I think it’s a really neat expe­rience in that it’s a really prac­tical and tan­gible thing you can give to someone else. You know it’s going to someone in need and it will be in a hos­pital within a couple of days.”

Becker hopes the blood drive will unite campus in a mean­ingful way.

“Because it requires a lot of vol­un­teers and donors, we are forced to draw from all areas of campus,” Becker said. “I love walking around on the day of the drive and seeing people from every­where come together and help people in need. It’s def­i­nitely an all campus event.”