Hills­dale’s Cottage Inn Pizza will be moving its location to Silos Fun Park during the early months of 2020. Julia Mullins | Col­legian

Hillsdale’s Cottage Inn Pizza should be oper­ating out of its new location at Silos Fun Park by mid-January or Feb­ruary of 2020, according to owners Donna and Brad Olm­stead.

“We’re anxious to get it opened back up for the com­munity,” Donna Olm­stead said. “We plan to have the arcade and the restaurant open before the rest of the attrac­tions.”

By mid-November, both said they hope to put the con­crete floor in the new restaurant and finish the framing of the building itself. Dave Clevland said all of the plumbing has already been installed. Cleveland, the original owner and builder of Silos Fun Park, has helped  the Olm­steads plan and execute propo­si­tions for the new restaurant and business. Because of the decreasing tem­per­a­tures and heavy rainfall, the con­struction has been slightly delayed, according to Cleveland.

“If Mother Nature would coop­erate, that would be extremely helpful,” Cleveland said. “Since the rain showed up, we’ve just had to work in mud.”

Despite the delays, those working on the project are hopeful and excited for what’s to come. Cleveland explained the “mar­riage” of a full restaurant and the arcade with the park will be what makes the park suc­cessful.

“When we operated the park, it was suc­cessful on its own, but finan­cially, it was hard to be oper­a­tional really only three months out of the year,” Cleveland said. “The park has to support itself for 12 months, and I think the restaurant was the missing com­ponent.”

The Olm­steads see a lot of potential for dif­ferent attrac­tions and events at the park. They hope to host not just birthday parties but also cor­porate events, fundraisers, and rent out the space when dif­ferent orga­ni­za­tions have  events.

“We’ve all thrown around a lot of ideas for events,” Donna Olm­stead said. “We have plenty of upfront property, so we’ve thought about hosting a com­munity Easter egg hunt. Maybe we could do family movie nights. Really, we want to do any­thing that will build com­munity and keep it fresh.”

Many orga­ni­za­tions and stu­dents on campus are excited for the return of the park.

“It’s exciting for the com­munity because the aban­doned silos will have life to it, and college stu­dents new option in town for events,” Hillsdale College junior Claire Lupini said.

Donna Olm­stead is also excited for ways the park will bring the com­munity together.

“More than any­thing we appre­ciate the com­munity sup­porting us,” she said. “We ask for prayers as we face these hurdles as we try to get it ready by spring.”