While our parents being in town is probably the best part about Parents Weekend at Hillsdale College, it’s not what makes this time so important. Most col­leges have a parents weekend, and most stu­dents’ parents will visit their school at some point during their college career.

Being treated to dinner by your mom and dad is good. What makes Hillsdale’s Parents Weekend unique, however, is the way it high­lights the value of the parents’ role in each student’s edu­cation by pro­moting a trans­parent parent-student rela­tionship.

Most uni­ver­sities don’t allow parents to see their child’s grades. At Hillsdale, pro­fessors and parents meet and talk like friends, rec­og­nizing the part­nership that is essential to a good edu­cation.

Some may argue that Hillsdale’s parent-pro­fessor con­fer­ences make it feel a little like grade school, and you should have the autonomy as a college student to not have your parents looking over your shoulder. But parent-pro­fessor con­fer­ences show that the college is invested in the part­nership that it claims to value: the part­nership between parents, stu­dents, and pro­fessors.

Edu­cation is a part­nership, and parents are an important part of that. It’s a way of prac­ticing what we preach.

So don’t beg your parents not to go to their con­fer­ences with your pro­fessors. Instead, value the advice and input that your pro­fessor will share with your parents about how you can improve. This is the true benefit of Parents Weekend.