An example of sil­ver­point artwork from the Medieval period. | Wiki­media Commons

Lauren Redding, an artist and curator based out of Naples, Florida, is bringing her art exhibit on sil­ver­point drawing to Hillsdale this Friday, Oct.18. 

Barbara Bushey, chair­woman and pro­fessor of art, wel­comed anyone on campus to come enjoy the month-long exhibit. 

“The department is happy to show these drawings, exe­cuted in an old and exacting medium,” Bushey said in an email. “The work honors the craft of artists such as Leonardo, while also looking at the con­tem­porary world.”

The art department invites mul­tiple artists throughout each year to bring their shows to Hillsdale. Each show is unique and high­lights dif­ferent types of art. The upcoming show will focus on the sil­ver­point drawing tech­nique  developed in the middle ages, which uses the element of silver to draw pic­tures.

 “I think sil­ver­point drawing is a super unique tech­nique,” Reagan Linde, a sophomore and art major, said. “While it seems plain at first glance, a sil­ver­point por­trait done well shows a true mastery of the art of drawing. I think it is won­derful that Hillsdale can host this sort of exhibit because it diver­sifies the type of art typ­i­cally seen in the gallery.”

Senior Car­oline Hen­nekes, also an art major, said that this exhibit stands out because of this non­typical tech­nique. 

 “This really helps inspire and broaden our horizons beyond what Hillsdale offers in classes at a school this size as well,” Hen­nekes said. “I also think it is important for stu­dents outside the art major and the department to have access to the exhibits. Art is just as much a part of the liberal edu­cation as English, History, or the sci­ences.”

These exhibits are just one example of how the art department con­tributes to the culture of our campus — one that is nec­essary in Hillsdale’s quest to provide a well-rounded, liberal arts edu­cation.

The show will stay in the Fine Arts Building until Nov. 20 and is free and open to the public. The opening is from 5 – 7 p.m. this Friday, and Redding will be in atten­dance to share her story behind the show.