Shotgun team wins at the fall Scholastic Clay Target Program Nationals tour­nament in Columbus, Ohio (Anthony Lamacchia | Courtesy)

In its most important com­pe­tition of the fall season, the Hillsdale College Shotgun Team delivered its best per­for­mance of the year. 

Over the Oct. 19 weekend, the Hillsdale College Shotgun Team claimed a Division III victory over 27 other schools during the fall Scholastic Clay Target Program Nationals tour­nament in Columbus, Ohio. Not only did the team take first by a large margin of 78 clays, they also ranked fifth in the High Overall cat­egory against teams of all divisions. 

More than 200 ath­letes par­tic­i­pated in the tour­nament, which included the standard events: Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays. 

While the com­bined efforts of the team con­tributed to the win, there were also several sig­nif­icant indi­vidual achieve­ments during the three-day shoot.

Freshman Wood Glazer, who led the team in trap, had the biggest indi­vidual accom­plishment of the year to date. Glazer took first in the High Overall cat­egory for the Trap shooting com­pe­tition. Glazer shot 198 clays out of 200 clays, earning himself the title SCTP American Col­le­giate National Champion. 

“I didn’t think much of this com­pe­tition other than I was com­peting for my friends and team­mates,” Glazer said. “I tried to be my best for the team.” 

While he feels this is an important win for making a name for himself in the col­le­giate world, Glazer says he is also striving to be better in other dis­ci­plines so that he can be a better all-around shooter for the team. 

Freshman Ida Brown fin­ished fourth overall in Ladies Trap with a score of 193 out of 200 clays. The team’s Mental Coach Bob Palmer has been working with the team to develop strategies of getting in the “zone,” which helped Brown during her skeet competition. 

Brown described how in between sta­tions the comb on the top of her gun came loose. She managed to fix it and still finish the round with a score of 24. She attributed her calmness during the tech­nical dif­fi­culties par­tially to Palmer’s strategies. 

Senior Lucas Pier­accini was the fifth place HOA in the Skeet com­pe­tition, with a score of 198 clays.  

Addi­tionally, four shooters shot 100 straight during the com­pe­tition. Brown and Glazer shot 100 straight in Trap, and Pier­accini and Tommy Rodgers shot 100 in Skeet. For Rodgers, this was espe­cially sig­nif­icant because it was his first time doing so in a competition. 

After the rest of the team had fin­ished their rounds, they gathered to watch Rodgers finish his. 

Head Coach Jordan Hintz said it was an unex­pected occur­rence, but that he and the team were very happy about it. 

“When I broke my 100th target, I just told myself that I knew I could do it and that I finally pro­vided value to the team and to myself,” Rodgers said, “The support from the team was great.” 

Hintz said that he was pleased with the team’s performance. 

“I think it has a lot of bearing on the rest of the season because I felt every­thing was working together,” Coach Hintz said, “My hope would be that this is the norm now.”