The exterior of Christ Chapel. | Courtesy Christa Green

This week, hun­dreds of people will be on campus to partake in the ded­i­cation of Christ Chapel. As this momentous occasion tran­spires, so too does another: the instal­lation of the fountain.

The class of 2019 knew the quad before there was a chapel, and before there was any thought of a fountain residing on the place where ultimate frisbee games once took place. The quad will soon be back to normal — a new normal. The chapel will be in full use, and the fountain will have running water. I, for one, can’t help but reflect and be thankful for all of those that made this project pos­sible.

College means part­nership, and in this case, it extends well beyond the class of 2019.

Thank you to Samuel and Mar­jorie Mus­carella, who gen­er­ously part­nered with us in a $10,000 dollar-for-dollar match cam­paign.

To Alice Arnn, who designed a timeless piece of art which pays homage to the college’s original fountain and improves the beauty of our present campus.

To Mary Ewers, who gave us the oppor­tunity to connect with parents over Parents Weekend, and to all of the parents who con­tributed as a result.

To William and Janet Brodbeck, who gen­er­ously hosted a wine-tasting to help us raise money from our class­mates.

To the alumni who sup­ported from afar and helped spread the word about our efforts.

And last but not least, to all the stu­dents, who made up more than 65% of the con­trib­utors to the fountain project.

I could con­tinue, but the list of people to thank would take pages. We know that the money we raised was only a small portion of the overall cost of the fountain, but we are thankful for the oppor­tunity to con­tribute to a lasting gift.

As the next group of officers lead the charge in giving a gift to the college, and sub­se­quent classes par­tic­ipate in the years to come, I chal­lenge each of you to give some­thing back to the college that has given you so much. Your support will not go unno­ticed.

Nicholas DeCleene is a 2019 graduate of Hillsdale College and served as the co-fundraising chair for his class.