Thank you for your Oct. 3 cov­erage of Insti­tu­tional Advancement’s two-day gala, cel­e­brating the 175th anniversary of Hillsdale College, the ded­i­cation of Christ Chapel, and the public launch of our capital cam­paign, the Four Pillars: 175 Years of Learning, Char­acter, Faith, and Freedom.

The cam­paign goals rep­resent the College’s ambi­tious plans and pri­or­ities for the near future and beyond, and they directly affect you — our stu­dents, faculty, and staff. Insti­tu­tional Advancement is already hard at work to raise:

· $260,200,000 for student schol­ar­ships
· $121,650,000 for program endow­ments, including faculty chairs, online courses, master’s degree pro­grams
· $103,300,000 for capital projects, including ath­letic facil­ities, shooting sports facil­ities, an archive addition to the library
· $201,700,000 for general oper­a­tions, which support the daily oper­a­tional needs of the College

Thank you to the hun­dreds of stu­dents and the staff and faculty who worked so hard to make the gala a success. They worked at reg­is­tration, served meals, gave tours, and pre­sented at infor­ma­tional breakout ses­sions. They pro­vided dra­matic and musical per­for­mances. They hauled sup­plies back and forth across campus. Our chef and the staff of Bon Appetit, Anna and Blake, pro­vided won­der­fully deli­cious food for seven meals and four recep­tions. Over 800 guests came to our campus and they were amazed by your hos­pi­tality and joyful service.

I want to rec­ognize Pro­fessor James Holleman for the ter­rific choral and orchestral selec­tions, and to the Hillsdale College Choirs and the Sym­phony Orchestra for their excellent per­for­mances. Thank you Denise Willard, my co-worker on the Four Pillars Cam­paign, and to the College’s incredible Special Events team, Jackie Line­brink, Gina Bloom, Barbie Keiser, Ashley Sallows, and Fiona Shea, who made the event happen.

Nearly 4,000 indi­viduals made con­tri­bu­tions to build Christ Chapel — it would not exist without them. Allowing hun­dreds of donors to be present for its ded­i­cation was a gen­erous act of stew­ardship on the College’s part. We, in the college com­munity, will have this pre­cious place available to us every day, for prayer, worship, and sacred music per­for­mances. We are richly blessed.

The Student Activ­ities Board is planning a special Christmas cel­e­bration called Founding Fest on Dec. 7 that will be open to stu­dents, faculty, and staff, including faculty and staff children. We are honored to make a financial con­tri­bution to this event from the Four Pillars Cam­paign as our way of showing grat­itude to this gen­erous college com­munity that made room for 850 vis­itors and made them all feel so welcome.

Nancy Johnson is the Asso­ciate Vice Pres­ident of Insti­tu­tional Advancement.