The impeachment inquiry into Pres­ident Trump is an attack on the office of the pres­ident and the con­sti­tu­tional fabric of our country.

The Left is at it again. After spending mul­tiple years and mil­lions of tax­payer dollars to inves­tigate Trump’s alleged col­lusion with Russia, the Left was bruised and con­fused by the harsh reality that the whole col­lusion nar­rative was a farce.

The American people heard pundits and com­men­tators in the media call for Trump’s impeachment before he was even sworn into office. We heard them label Trump a Russian asset and make out­landish claims that all con­ser­v­a­tives must be racist, all while sac­ri­ficing truth for political gain. Even after Robert Mueller released his report clearing Trump of the phony alle­gation, Democrats con­tinued to call for Trump’s impeachment and dis­parage his administration.

Regardless of the findings, the Dems con­tinued their witch-hunt to bring down Trump, and it was only a matter of time before they found some­thing new to be hys­terical about.

After the Russia col­lusion story momen­tarily ceased, the main­stream media shifted their outcry to a phone call made to the Ukranian Pres­ident Volodymyr Zelinsky regarding the Biden family and their corrupt business dealings.

On July 25, Trump spoke to Zelinsky. Trump was aware that the call was being recorded, tran­scribed, and that there were mul­tiple high-ranking offi­cials on the line, including Sec­retary of State Mike Pompeo.

If Trump was trying to break the law or commit an impeachable offense, then one would have to believe that our pres­ident is either clueless or a com­plete idiot.

Despite Trump’s remarkable trans­parency with his admin­is­tration and the American people, the liberal media man­u­fac­tured a whole new story in yet another attempt to impeach and destroy our president.

Rep­re­sen­tative Adam Schiff, D‑Calif., released a whistle­blower report written by an unknown intel­li­gence officer that claims Trump “is using the power of his office to solicit inter­ference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election.”

Schiff went on MSNBC and pub­licly called for Trump’s impeachment, while promising that he had no prior knowledge of the report before it was released to the public. Moments later, a Schiff spokesman and other American offi­cials revealed that Schiff had in fact known about the report and was given a detailed outline before its release. Further infor­mation revealed that the unknown whistle­blower was a reg­is­tered Democrat who had sig­nif­icant ties to a current, unnamed 2020 Demo­c­ratic candidate.

Despite Schiff’s lie and the clear bias of the whistle­blower, the news media began to peddle and spin a new col­lusion nar­rative, while the American people astutely watched and waited for actual evi­dence of collusion.

The media began to focus on Trump’s han­dling of mil­itary funding to Ukraine, claiming he pur­posely chose to delay the transfer of $400 million dollars in mil­itary assis­tance in order to coerce Zelinsky to par­tic­ipate in an inves­ti­gation of the Biden family. While Trump has denied these alle­ga­tions, the media remained ruthless in their attacks on Trump.

Lib­erals believe that Trump is pur­posely trying to bring down Joe Biden because he is a top-tier Demo­c­ratic can­didate who will likely be Trump’s opponent in 2020. What they seem to be for­getting, however, is the fact that just because someone is running for pres­ident doesn’t mean they are above the law and free from investigation.

Perhaps the most critical issue with this sup­posed impeachment inquiry is the fact that the Democrats are not allowing due process. Trump has not been given the most basic rights held under the Con­sti­tution to call wit­nesses or produce explanatory evi­dence beyond the unprece­dented release of his phone call tran­script. Further, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refused to call for a formal vote in the House because she argues that the Con­sti­tution has no spe­cific guide­lines for impeachment and that the House holds sole power.

Instead of trying to force Trump out of office through slander and mis­in­for­mation, or man­u­fac­turing hoaxes and exag­ger­ating stories, Democrats should propose their own solu­tions to the problems they have with Trump. Instead of trying to steal back the White House through exag­ger­ation and slander, they should run a fair race by debating, cam­paigning, and actually trying to win.

The majority of American people believe that Con­gress “should focus on fixing important problems facing America, rather than focusing on inves­ti­gating Trump,” according to a recent Reuters report.

The Left’s current strategy will result in the downfall of the Demo­c­ratic party and Trump’s re-election.