The college is grateful to partner with the City of Hillsdale for road repairs | Facebook

During the Oct. 7 City Council meeting, coun­cilmembers expressed grat­itude to Hillsdale College for its financial con­tri­bution toward the road con­struction projects around campus.

The city is cur­rently doing restoration work on College Street and a com­plete mill and overlay project on both Gal­loway Drive and West Street. 

Richard Péwé, the chief admin­is­trative officer for Hillsdale College and overseer of the funding given to the city, said the aid is an expression of appre­ci­ation to city trav­elers and close neighbors. 

“For being so under­standing about the college’s on-going capital improvement projects, which do indeed improve the sur­rounding area but also some­times bring tem­porary street clo­sures, heavy con­struction traffic, and incon­ve­nience,” Péwé said. 

This is not the first time the college has helped the city finance repairs; the part­nership has existed for the good of all Hills­dalians for over a decade. 

“For many years the college has been financing road improve­ments,” said Péwé. “Hillsdale, West, Union, Gal­loway, Barber, and College streets are examples in the last 15 years.”

Péwé added that the working rela­tionship between the city and college is essential to the mission of the school. 

“It is important that the college be a good neighbor,” Péwé said. “Street improve­ments also help advance the college’s edu­ca­tional mission, which is the jus­ti­fi­cation for pro­viding the financing.”

Mayor Adam Stockford, who has served Hillsdale since November 2017, said he is appre­ciative that the college is paying for the repairs around campus as it helps alle­viate costs for res­i­dents.

“Con­struction of streets is a costly venture,” Stockford said. “It’s appre­ciated that the college has found a way to take own­ership of their neigh­borhood in a way that removes the burden from the average working-class tax­paying res­ident of Hillsdale.”

Hillsdale College sup­ports the city in more ways than just road con­struction. 

City Manager David Mackie oversees infra­structure projects for Hillsdale. 

“The city has a good working rela­tionship with Hillsdale College,” Mackie said. “The college puts a lot of effort into pro­moting the city and we are thankful for its efforts.”

The con­tri­bu­tions and support of the city make the area better for res­i­dents and stu­dents. 

“It’s these types of part­ner­ships with our local employers that help drive our local economy,” said Mackie. “They make Hillsdale a great place to live, work and study.”

During the meeting, the council also dis­cussed potential upgrades and ren­o­va­tions at the Hillsdale Police Station. 

Hillsdale Chief Police Scott Hephner said the station needs improve­ments to increase safety. 

“We deal with a number of people who plan to commit suicide by cop,” Hephner said. “We have safety con­cerns and need to protect our staff.”

The recent spike in attacks directed at police across the country prompted the department to expedite improve­ments. 

“We need more space and we need an interview room for when we have a victim in the building,” Hephner said. “I’m asking for the funding to be moved forward so we don’t have to wait for three years.” 

The department adjusted its budget to get the funding and the council passed it in an 8 – 0 vote.