SAB’s Brushes and Bubbly will feature drinks, mock­tails for those under 21, and art lessons from a master. | Wiki­media Commons


From Concert on the Quad to Makers’ Market, the Student Activ­ities Board has already put together a variety of events this semester to add excitement to stu­dents’ rou­tines.

Brushes and Bubbly, on Oct. 8 from 8 to 10 p.m. in the Grewcock Student Union, looks to do just that. Brushes and Bubbly is modeled after Paint and Palette, where cus­tomers paint a picture while enjoying a nice glass of wine. The event will consist of a master painting class with either an art teacher or art major, where stu­dents can mingle, paint, and sip on drinks. Alco­holic bev­erages will be pro­vided at Brushes and Bubbly for stu­dents over 21 and mock­tails for those who are underage. 

Junior Clare Nalepa, SAB cre­ative team member, had the cre­ative vision for Brushes and Bubbly and has been heading prepa­ration for the event. 

“I wanted it to be some­thing where people could take some­thing [home] that they got to paint with their friends. They get to have a fun, social, safe event,” Nalepa said.

Senior and SAB’s pro­mo­tions team leader, Ian Brown, said that in addition to getting to taking home a picture they’ve painted, stu­dents will have the oppor­tunity to meet new people. 

Brown said the point of having this kind of event is to target more spe­cific, smaller groups of people based on a common interest — in this instance, in painting. 

“One of the big things about SAB in general is trying to grow com­munity, cre­ating events for people that are going to grow friend­ships,” Brown said. “And that happens more in the smaller events. Small events are where you get to meet people a little bit more inti­mately.”

Brushes and Bubbly pro­vides a nice, relaxed envi­ronment for a Tuesday night, perfect for a study break and to unwind with new people. Stu­dents can sign up in the SAB newsletter. Spots are limited and will go quickly, Brown said.