Alpha Rho Tao will host an embroidery night on Nov. 5. Vir­ginia Aabram | Col­legian

The art hon­orary Alpha Rho Tau will be hosting an embroidery night on Tuesday, Nov. 5 in the student union TV room.

If there’s one trait that a spunky heroine in a fantasy or his­torical novel pos­sesses, it’s that she probably hates doing needlework when she’d rather be secretly prac­ticing swords­manship. But embroidery enthu­siast senior Sarah Garfinkle said she finds this ancient art form the perfect outlet for stress and even aggression.

“It’s a great way to get out your aggression in a way that’s beau­tiful and pro­ductive, plus a really easy gift for your mom,” Garfinkle said. “For me it’s fun way to exper­iment with being artistic, and you get to stab some­thing a lot.”

Garfinkle is not alone in this sen­timent, as Juniors Car­oline Hen­nekes and Heidi Yacoubian will teach basic stitches and provide mate­rials to anyone who wishes to try their hand at the craft.

This is the first event hosted by ART in an ongoing effort to incor­porate more of campus into Hillsdale’s artistic com­munity.

“We wanted some­thing that would draw people in and see art for what it is, which is a cre­ative endeavor that opens your eyes to the world,” Hen­nekes said. “Embroidery is fun to do, and its prac­tical. You can treasure what you make, and it’s very relaxing because it makes you focus on one thing that is beau­tiful and will last for a long time. It’s also fun to do as a com­munity.”

ART pres­ident Joshua Pautz said the event is in response to a demand for more casual artistic events like SAB’s Bob Ross and Bubbly.

“We saw a lot of interest in textile crafts, and embroidery is a very acces­sible way to get into that,” Pautz said.

Yacoubian was inspired to start embroi­dering by the print “Lake Worth” by Thomas McK­night.

“I found the print hanging on my sister’s wall and thought it would be fun to copy it in embroidery,” Yacoubian said.

Both Pautz and Hen­nekes have done embroidery since childhood, learning from their mothers. 

“My mom taught me when I was really young,” Hen­nekes said. “She has an Etsy store where she sews pillows and does embroidery, so I’ve always been around sewing. In high school I started doing it for fun.”