Whit Wat Way cheers at Mock Rock. | Facebook

An underdog win from the coalition com­prised of Whitley, Waterman, and Gal­loway ended Simpson Residence’s eight-year home­coming winning streak.

After leading the home­coming com­pe­tition for most of the week, Whit Wat Way delivered an imag­i­native Mock Rock per­for­mance, fea­turing massive card­board cutouts and a sur­prise Avengers theme, to cement its lead and close out the com­pe­tition. The Off-Campus Coalition earned second place and Simpson ranked third.

To Whit Wat Way, the victory felt like a win for the entire campus. Gal­loway Res­ident Assistant and senior Ethan Visser said Simpson has developed a somewhat arrogant and try-hard attitude in how it has approached the home­coming com­pe­tition over the past eight years. Whit Wat Way, he said, rep­re­sented more than just the res­i­dences directly involved in the coalition.

“It felt so good to beat Simpson,” Visser said. “I love winning some­thing that means more to them than it does to me.”

“At the end of the day, all good things have to end,” said Simpson Head RA and senior Reagan Dugan.

Dugan also said he loved being in the position where everyone wanted to beat their dorm. 

“It’s been somewhat pos­itive on campus in that you need a bad guy,” Dugan said. “People get frus­trated with us and so be it, but I think in general everyone likes getting mad at Simpson. So, if we bring the campus together in getting mad at Simpson, I guess that’s a good thing. I had a blast, and I hope everyone else had fun.” 

Though they didn’t win, Simpson Head RA and senior Adam Buchmann said he thought home­coming week accom­plished another goal Simpson had: to build dorm culture and get freshmen engaged in campus events.

“We have a saying that we use,” Buchmann said. “It’s not about the product, it’s about the process. Winning home­coming isn’t nec­es­sarily the goal of what we’re doing. We’re trying to develop a com­munity.”

Simpson placed second in Mock Rock with a per­for­mance that did exactly what Dugan said they wanted to do: overload the senses. At 65 cast members, the pro­duction was almost double its normal size.

The Simpson per­for­mance also fea­tured the return of former Head RA Josh Bailey ‘19 for a portion of the dance — a decision Dugan said they made only two days before the com­pe­tition. 

With the return of Gal­loway to campus, Simpson also had far fewer freshmen in the dorm this year. While this made it harder to coor­dinate dorm par­tic­i­pation, Dugan said it also meant there were more upper­classmen who can have a better per­spective about the loss.

Buchmann said he would have loved to win but added, “We’re really proud of what we did and we’re happy for the other teams as well. Con­grat­u­la­tions to Whit Wat Way.”