Stu­dents delib­erate during Trivia Night com­pe­tition on Tuesday, Sept. 17. Rachel Kookogey | Col­legian

“Peaches” creamed his oppo­nents in the Student Activ­ities Board’s wing eating com­pe­tition, bringing his team, Whit Wat Way, to the top of the home­coming leader­board with 275 points as of Wednesday night. 

Whit Wat Way, a coalition of dor­mi­tories Whitley, Waterman, and Gal­loway, took first place in both Tuesday and Wednesday’s home­coming com­pe­ti­tions.

Freshman Ethan Cobb, known to his friends as “Peaches,” and senior Molly Madigan plowed through their wings amidst loud cheers in A.J.’s Cafe Wednesday night, fin­ishing over 20 seconds before the second-place winner, Sigma Chi fra­ternity. Chi Omega sorority fol­lowed in third place shortly after. 

Simpson failed to place in the wing com­pe­tition, which they often win, and have yet to take first place in any of the home­coming activ­ities, dom­i­nated largely by new teams and coali­tions.

The Bloc — a new coalition com­posed of the Suites, Benzing, and Mauck dor­mi­tories — surged ahead Monday after winning the banner com­pe­tition. The new cross country team and Simpson dor­mitory fol­lowed in second and third place, respec­tively.

The Suites House Director Christa Green said they formed The Bloc for two reasons: First, because it takes a lot of pressure off of RAs in terms of lead­ership, and second, because the Suites have not pre­vi­ously had a team.

“Mauck, Benzing, and the Suites noto­ri­ously have less par­tic­i­pation, so Mauck and Benzing first were together,” Green said. “In the Suites, we really wanted to give res­i­dents the oppor­tunity to do it if they wanted to, but we didn’t want to create a Suites team because we thought that was too far of a jump from no home­coming team to a whole team.”

On Tuesday night, the coalition Whit Wat Way beat Simpson on a tiebreaker question to achieve first place in the SAB trivia com­pe­tition. Groups from each of the home­coming teams answered 50 ques­tions across five cat­e­gories: general knowledge, United States history, science, leg­endary ath­letes, and general birthday facts. 

At the end of the five rounds, the Off-Campus Coalition placed third, and Wit Wat Way and Simpson tied for first place. Wit Wat Way won the tiebreaker by guessing the closest date to the birthday of Rev. Ransom Dunn, Hillsdale College’s first pres­ident.

Gal­loway Res­ident Assistant Ben Weide said Whit Wat Way selected their trivia team from the Whitley core team last year and added a few vol­un­teers. Weide added that he’s happy with the coalition, which they have planned since last year. 

“The Gal­loway-Whitley coalition was planned last year with the whole exile from Gal­loway into Whitley thing,” Weide said. “Then Waterman wanted to be in on it, and we were more than happy to let them join us.”

The wing eating com­pe­tition on Wednesday night rounded out the first three days of home­coming com­pe­tition. Whit Wat Way leads the pack with 275 points. Simpson and The Bloc are in second and third place with 200 and 175 points, respec­tively. ATO and the Koon­dawgs cur­rently share last place with 50 points each.

The fes­tiv­ities will cul­minate in a tent party, a tra­dition revived decades after it was aban­doned, outside the Roche Sports Complex right after Mock Rock. The tent party gives stu­dents a great oppor­tunity to interact with alumni, according to junior Claire Lupini, the small events team leader for SAB. The winners of Mock Rock and the entire home­coming com­pe­tition will be announced at the tent party.