City Council voted on two PILOT pro­grams during Sept. 3 meeting. Col­legian | Julia Mullins

Wallick Com­mu­nities pro­posed their plan for rent-con­trolled apart­ments for senior cit­izens on Logan Street, and several res­i­dents com­plained of having not been notified of the potential devel­opment. The council voted 5 – 4 to approve the PILOT for the devel­opment, and Coun­cilman William Mor­risey pro­posed cre­ating a system for noti­fying res­i­dents about such devel­op­ments in the future.

    Police Chief Scott Hephner pro­posed a “No Parking” Zone for Hillsdale Street on the block between Galloway/Barber Drive and College Street. The council voted unan­i­mously to approve this request.