Hillsdale College

The Hillsdale College Student Fed­er­ation held their first meeting of the semester on Thursday, August 29. The meeting focused on filling both empty com­mittee seats and a chair­manship position, which were left empty in the wake of several members taking on new lead­ership posi­tions.

Junior Parker Thayer was appointed to an open seat on the phil­an­thropy com­mittee, while junior Katie Ryerson was voted onto the Rules Com­mittee. Senior Matthew Mont­gomery received a position on the club over­sight com­mittee, while the Fed­er­ation voted sophomore Brandt Siegfried as chairman. 

One purpose of the Over­sight Com­mittee is to screen club appli­ca­tions before they are pre­sented to the Fed­er­ation, Siegfried said. 

“There are a lot of clubs on the docket right now that we’re con­sid­ering,” he said. “I am looking forward to working with my fellow rep­re­sen­ta­tives to make sure we can con­tinue to have awesome student activ­ities at Hillsdale.”

Pres­ident James Millius said that a large portion of future Student Fed­er­ation meetings will be devoted to reworking the dis­tri­b­ution of funds for student pub­li­ca­tions.

“A big focus for the Fed­er­ation this semester is going to be improving the Pub­li­ca­tions Com­mittee, meaning we are going to find ways to work better with the college’s pub­li­cation board,” Millius said. “We are going to look at poten­tially giving the Pub­li­ca­tions Board more autonomy from Student Fed­er­ation to make it less dependent on the Federation’s vote for funding.”

Braden VanDyke, chairman of the Pub­li­ca­tions Com­mittee, echoed Millius’s sen­timent. 

“Essen­tially, the Student Fed­er­ation has had a long history of having a little bit of a dif­ficult time man­aging pub­li­ca­tions, and specif­i­cally what we do with the way we manage their budgets each year,” VanDyke said. “We might also see if there is a pos­si­bility of taking the pub­li­ca­tions budget com­pletely outside of Student Federation’s purview.”

The Student Fed­er­ation meets every other Thursday at 7 p.m. The next meeting will be held in Dow F on Sept. 12, although future meetings will move to the Formal Lounge beginning Sept. 26. All stu­dents are welcome to attend.