Racers line up at the starting line for pre­vious Patriots 5K. Courtesy | Kattia Cabrera

The Patriots 5K Run/Walk will take place at the Michindoh Camp and Con­ference Center this Sat­urday, Sept. 14 at 8 a.m. 

Race director and affiliate of the Hillsdale Preparatory School, Kattia Cabrera, encourages stu­dents, parents, and local members of the com­munity to come out for a fun morning of running with friends, music, and a pancake breakfast after the race. 

“The main goals of the race are to honor the vet­erans, promote fitness in our com­munity, and support the stu­dents,” Cabrera said about the founding of this race. 

This is the seventh year of the Patriots 5K. The community’s interest in the race has increased, requiring Hillsdale Preparatory School  to move the race to a more spa­cious location this year. In its first year, the race was held at the Hillsdale Preparatory School. For the past two years, the race was held at Hillsdale Municipal Airport. 

Larry Sharp, a fellow sponsor of the Patriots 5k Run, vol­unteer at Hillsdale Preparatory School, and the owner of DJL dee­jaying company will be over­seeing the music of the event.

“This race is one of the biggest events the school has,” Sharp said. “Better hurry and get your ticket before it fills up!” 

There is a $25 race fee and $2.50 sign-up fee for indi­viduals. Fam­ilies, up to five, can reg­ister for $55.  

If runners choose to sign-up the day of the race, it will cost $30 for an indi­vidual and $60 for a family. Reg­is­tration for the race ends on Sept. 12, at 11:59 pm.