Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church in Hillsdale, Michigan. | Col­legian Archives

Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church in Hillsdale will be hosting Fathers of Mercy priest, Rev. Louis Guardiola, at a parish mission this week to share the Catholic faith and how to grow in it. The first lecture of the series will be Sunday night at 7 p.m., with lec­tures at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. throughout the week. The last lecture is on Thursday at 7 p.m.

The Fathers of Mercy is a Roman-Catholic group of priests that travels and preaches mis­sions to dif­ferent parishes. Guardiola will be coming to Hillsdale and speaking on Catholic beliefs and sacra­ments, including the Eucharist and con­fession.

St. Anthony’s chose to host the Fathers of Mercy based on a childhood expe­rience of one of the church members, according to parish council member and event orga­nizer Kelly Cole. 

Cole said a parish mission is intended to be a quick and local renewal of spir­itual life and reflection, a  “retreat come to daily life.” Cole said St. Anthony’s has not hosted a mission in the past eight years she has attended.

“We wanted to do this to inspire our parish­ioners to grow in their faith and to take time to reflect on the treasure that is the Catholic faith, but we also are inviting anyone inter­ested in learning more about Catholicism to attend any or all of the talks,” Cole said. “We hadn’t had a focused time of adult for­mation like this in some time, so we made it a goal for this year.”

The sub­jects of the talks came with the speaker, Cole said, and she said from lis­tening to recordings of him, she finds his speaking to be “very acces­sible while also inspiring for all of those seeking to grow closer to Christ.”

Eliz­abeth Bianchi, sophomore and Parish council member,  agreed, saying the event will be easy for anyone to under­stand.

“This par­ticular event is for both Catholics and non-Catholics,” she said. “They are sup­posed to be acces­sible lec­tures, not too high-intel­lectual, but just scrip­tural readings, very plainly spoken but for a wide variety of audi­ences.”