John Mach sits at his desk in the Roche Sports Complex. Breana Noble | Collegian

A tall and tan cir­cular desk now sits at the entrance of the Hillsdale College Roche Sports Complex. Behind that desk sits a security employee with a scanner and a tablet, all of which are a part of an ini­tiative to enhance the college’s security. 

Asso­ciate Ath­letic Director for Business Man­agement and Com­pliance Josh Calver said the new tech­nology is meant to improve tracking and security.

“We’re con­cerned about the security of this building with so many entrances and exits. And so we’ve updated our tracking of mem­ber­ships through an elec­tronic system,” Calver said. 

Now stu­dents, faculty, staff, and com­munity members will have to show an ID card upon entrance. Right now, the system isn’t fully up and running, but Calver said it’s expected to be ready by spring 2020.

“We have things ready to roll but we’re kind of slowly working into it. Part of the struggle there is getting our staff up to speed because they work such dif­ferent schedules,” he said.

One of the major issues this new system is intended to solve is getting com­munity members to renew their memberships. 

Hillsdale’s ath­letic website says that anyone can apply for a mem­bership for an annual price of $300. Senior cit­izens (65 years or older) can get a mem­bership for only $175. Children under the age of 18 can be added to either mem­bership for an addi­tional $10 per child. 

“It’ll give us a better tracking on those to capture renewal time­lines and things like that. We’ve kind of struggled with that in the past,” Calver said. “But it will give us a better idea of our members – who those people are and when those renewal times are coming. We’re close to 450 mem­ber­ships, so there’s a lot.” 

Sophomore Alanna O’Leary is in her second year of working as a fitness center employee. She said she’s heard of issues per­taining to Hillsdale com­munity members walking in without mem­bership passes to get a free work out.

Another security issue facing the sports complex is ath­letes leaving doors propped open. Often times they have practice outside of normal oper­ating hours, so once one athlete gets in, he or she leaves the door open for the rest of the team. 

New ID scanners have been installed on three of the doors leading to the sports complex for ath­letes and coaches to use. The scanners are pro­grammed to only accept their ID cards, not other stu­dents, staff, or com­munity members. 

“When the door is propped, anyone can walk in,” Calver said. “With the card access on a couple dif­ferent doors, we can allow coaches and ath­letes to get into the building outside of regular hours.”

During regular oper­ating hours, all faculty, staff, stu­dents, and com­munity members can be expected to scan their ID cards to gain access to any­thing in the sports complex, whether it’s the bas­ketball courts, pool, or fitness center. They do not, however, need to scan to check out of the building.