The Tower Light needs student appre­ci­ation and funding. | Instagram @haleyraehauprich

Dear editor: The fol­lowing is a copy of a letter to Student Fed­er­ation.

I write on behalf of members of the English and Fine Arts faculty to encourage you to fully fund Tower Light. We would like to express appre­ci­ation for the chal­lenging and complex task of allo­cating funding to a wide array of student orga­ni­za­tions. However, we are con­cerned that Tower Light risks having its funding greatly reduced and thus pro­ducing a pub­li­cation that will not meet its high stan­dards or properly showcase the work of the pub­lished stu­dents.

The venue in which artistic work appears inevitably affects how it is per­ceived and received. To that end, our fine arts stu­dents at Hillsdale are given appro­priate places in which to showcase their work: the same audi­torium that serves our vis­iting pro­fes­sional artists hosts our dancers and the­atrical pro­duc­tions; our student artists have oppor­tu­nities to display work in a proper gallery; our musi­cians can antic­ipate the joy of per­forming in our beau­tiful new chapel. These venues enhance the pleasure audi­ences find in a work of art. Tower Light’s venue is the material object that we hold in our hands. Even when the actual content is excellent, printing it on cheap stock and with poor binding dimin­ishes appre­ci­ation, much as asking musi­cians to perform in the middle of the dining hall would dim the splendor of their per­for­mance.

On that note, Tower Light is one of the highest-quality student pub­li­ca­tions I have ever encoun­tered. However excellent the con­tents of the student lit­erary mag­azine other cam­puses where I have studied and worked, the delivery was never as sophis­ti­cated as that of Tower Light. The magazine’s edi­torial board takes care to provide an attractive venue for the works they spot­light, and also to offer a pleasing reading expe­rience to us, the audience. 

This beau­tiful, thoughtful pre­sen­tation means that Tower Light can rep­resent Hillsdale College to prospective stu­dents, alumni, donors, and others by show­casing the modern appli­cation of our mission statement, in which we pro­claim our­selves to be stewards of an intel­lectual tra­dition that includes lit­er­ature and art. Not only do our stu­dents study fine works, but they create them, and Tower Light, in both its con­tents and its pre­sen­tation, demon­strates our care in tending the intel­lectual tra­dition and pro­ducing its modern-day fruits.

The Student Fed­er­ation declares on the website that it “sup­ports the College in its mission of calling stu­dents toward the cul­ti­vation of intel­lectual and moral excel­lence and dili­gence in per­forming the duties of schol­arship.” By funding Tower Light, it will clearly and visibly support that very mission, in addition to funding requests such as club trips and recre­ational equipment that also benefit narrow seg­ments of the student body. We thus request that Tower Light be funded to maintain its high stan­dards and appro­pri­ately rep­resent the college and its stu­dents both to us on campus and to the outside world.


Eliz­abeth Fred­ericks, Assistant Pro­fessor of English


Patricia Bart, Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of English
Christopher Busch, Pro­fessor of English
Barbara Bushey, Chair and Pro­fessor of Art
Douglas Coon, Lec­turer in Art
Kelly Scott Franklin, Assistant Pro­fessor of English
J. A. Jackson, Chair and Pro­fessor of English
Dutton Kearney, Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of English
Dwight Lindley, Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of English
Lor­raine Murphy, Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of English
Stephen Smith, Pro­fessor of English
John Somerville, Pro­fessor of English
Julio Suarez, Assistant Pro­fessor of Art
Benedict Whalen, Assistant Pro­fessor of English