Rich Illman and Hari Kern will perform a dynamic concert, including Native American flute music. Pic­tured: Native American flute. | Wiki­media Commons

Rich Illman, accom­panied by Hari Kern, will be coming to Hillsdale to perform a concert filled with various artistic dynamics, and go beyond the lis­tening aspect of music by adding a visual com­ponent.

During the recital, Illman will perform music with a trumpet, Flugelhorn, and a Native American Flute. Kern will accompany him on the piano. Illman plans to provide viewers with a com­bi­nation of live music and digital audio effects, to engage them to interact with the music in a new way, with the addition of sound and light. 

Illman taught the trumpet at Michigan State Uni­versity for 15 years, also teaching at the Uni­versity of Ken­tucky, the Uni­versity of Eastern Ken­tucky, Tran­syl­vania Uni­versity and Asbury College. Addi­tionally, he was part of the Lansing Sym­phony Band, Mil­lenium Brass, until he retired in 2016. Illman was also known for going to ele­mentary schools and encour­aging kids to get inter­ested in music. He also co-authored a book, “Yoga for Musi­cians.” 

Hari Kern was raised in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. After learning piano at a young age, she played two con­certs on piano for the Chicago Sym­phony Orchestra at 14 years old. She studied at Chicago Musical College, Julliard’s Preparatory Schools, and Ithaca College, where she earned a bach­elors’ of music in piano per­for­mance.

Through the years, Kern has given private lessons and done solo and chamber music per­for­mances. Kern and Illman used their expe­rience teaching and per­forming music to present  mul­ti­media per­for­mances unlike any­thing most audi­ences have expe­ri­enced.

The per­for­mance will take place at Hillsdale in the Conrad Recital Hall Friday Sept. 13 at 8 p.m.