Home­coming Queen Christa Green and Home­coming King Reagan Dugan | SAB Facebook

During halftime at Sat­ur­day’s football game, the 2019 home­coming king and queen, Reagan Dugan and Christa Green, respec­tively, were announced.

In total, Dugan received 196 votes and Green had 141. Director of Student Activ­ities Alex Whitford said 540 people cast votes in the election.

Green said she was actually more nervous about the home­coming court announcement last year when her husband Alexander was the 2018 home­coming king. This year, she said she just felt fear and excitement when the mob of friends ran towards her.

“In that moment, it felt semi dream-like,” Green said. “It was almost like an out-of-body expe­rience. It’s a won­derful moment of getting to see all the people you care for running towards you.”

Green said she and her husband laugh about how he was the 2018 king and she the 2019 queen.

“We jok­ingly wore our crowns and sashes together in our apart­ments as we did dishes,” Green said. “It’s very sweet and hon­oring. Neither of us expected it, but both of us feel that the other deserves it.”

Green is a senior psy­chology major and German minor. Upon grad­u­ation, she plans to move back to the Pacific Northwest with her husband and get a master’s degree in social work with the hope of starting her own non­profit for foster children, teen moms, or abused women.

Home­coming king Reagan Dugan, who is also the Head Res­ident Assistant at Simpson Dor­mitory, said he was honored to win and to give the guys “some­thing to get excited about.”

“I was happy the other guys in the dorm got to get excited about it,” Dugan said. “I appre­ciate being elected home­coming king, but it mat­tered more to them. They made the memes and every­thing, so they got to feel like they accom­plished some­thing.”

Dugan has been an RA in Simpson since his sophomore year. He said the dorm is his favorite part of Hillsdale. 

“It’s weird to think of being a senior and being the guy I looked up to as a freshman,” Dugan said. “When I think of what the most ‘Hillsdale’ part of Hillsdale is to me, it’s the dorm.” 

Dugan is a senior classics major from Kansas City, Kansas. Reagan’s grand­father, Ron Dugan ‘58, crowned the home­coming queen during his time at Hillsdale.