Silos Fun Park on North Car­leton Road. Col­legian | Julia Mullins

Hillsdale’s Cottage Inn Pizza, owned by Brad and Donna Olm­stead, has out­grown its current location. This summer, the couple decided it was time to expand.

“We’re renting here, so there’s no place to add on another building,” Donna Olm­stead said. “The Lord said to us that we needed to look at the silos. I thought, ‘Oh boy, I don’t know if we can do all of this.’” 

Once the two visited Silos Fun Park on North Car­leton Road, they caught a glimpse of what they could make of the property Donna Olm­stead said.

“We really have this vision for the family, and what we could really use in Hillsdale is some­thing family-ori­ented,” she said. “We’re going to build a new building for a restaurant that’s sep­arate with tables we can move for parties, and we’ll have another part for an informal dining room if you don’t want to be around the party.”

This extra space will allow Cottage Inn to host gath­erings more com­fortably. Cottage Inn employee Tyler Shiling said this is what he’s most excited about. 

“It’ll help with our limited spacing and we’ll get a new kitchen which will be nice,” he said.

In addition to more space and a new kitchen, Cottage Inn will be able to upgrade the arcade-style games in its current location. The new building will be con­nected to the already existing building that was once an arcade. 

“We’ll have a full-time arcade that runs the same hours as the pizzeria,” Donna Olm­stead said. “But first I had to make sure that I could find an arcade company that could come in because it’s two floors.” 

As for the bumper cars, go-karts, mini golf, and driving range that were at Silos Fun Park, Donna Olm­stead said they’re all in great shape. The Cottage Inn will keep them available for even more months out of the year than before, as Donna Olm­stead said she plans on keeping the park open after Labor Day –– weather per­mitting. 

Cottage Inn will remain open at its current location on West Car­leton Road during the con­struction of Silos Fun Park.

Donna Olm­stead said that in addition to the reopening of Silos Fun Park, she’s excited about the oppor­tu­nities for fundraising and com­munity events.

“We can do more fundraising now. We usually give a portion of the sales for all day, whether it be 10 or 15 percent, but now it’ll be a greater oppor­tunity,” she said. “And we can host team-building events.”

Senior vice pres­ident of Hillsdale College’s Chi Omega, Caylee McComb, said she thinks the Silos Fun Park could be a great oppor­tunity for Hillsdale’s many groups to get involved with.

“Chi O is always looking for fun places to host our social events, espe­cially places that are close to campus,” she said. “It could be a really fun space to utilize. The location also seems to be right up SAB’s ally, so I won’t be sur­prised if we have campus events there in the future.” 

The Olm­steads are already looking for new ways to improve their upcoming project. 

“This brings a lot of options for Hillsdale and the sur­rounding areas,” Donna Olm­stead said. “Now you can stay in town. And we’re con­stantly looking for new things to put there. Maybe by spring 2020 we won’t have a new attraction, but hope­fully the fol­lowing year we’ll keep it fresh so you don’t just come once a year, but maybe once a week to see what’s new.”