Giordano Dance Chicago is coming to perform in Hillsdale on Sat­urday evening. Courtesy | Giordano Dance Chicago

Giordano Dance Chicago, one of America’s finest jazz dance com­panies, will be per­forming for the Hillsdale com­munity Sept. 14 in Markel Audi­torium at 7:30 p.m. The show will include two new works, “Flickers” by Marinda Davis and “Soul” by Ray Leeper, as well as other sig­nature pieces. 

GDC was founded over fifty years ago by Gus Giordano, a leader in devel­op­mental jazz dance, and creator of the Giordano tech­nique — chore­og­raphy high­lighting strength, control, and the use of space — that is still prac­ticed today. His daughter Nan Giordano assumed direc­torship of the company in 1983, and has helped her father’s vision of pas­sionate, inspiring dance reach 27 coun­tries, 46 states, and over 1,200 cities. 

GDC is coming as part of the Hillsdale College Pro­fes­sional Artist Series. 

Holly Hobbs, assistant pro­fessor of dance at Hillsdale, explained why she chose to invite Giordano.

“The Pro­fes­sional Artists Series at the college seeks to bring pro­fes­sional per­forming artists to our pop­u­lation here at Hillsdale, so that we can have exposure to what pro­fes­sionals in the field are doing, and what a pro­fes­sional dance tour looks like,” Hobbs said. 

GDC will also be doing a master class with Hillsdale’s dance stu­dents on Sept. 13. 

Phoebe Fink, a member of Tower Dancers who is minoring in dance, studied the Giordano tech­nique at the American Dance Asso­ci­ation Con­ference last spring. Fink said she looks forward to taking the master class with GDC.

“I’m excited to learn the tech­nique, but this time from actual per­formers and company members,” Fink said.

Audience members can expect a highly ener­getic show per­formed to a variety of musical genres, Hobbs added. 

In “Flickers” the dancers will form archi­tec­tural struc­tures. “Soul” will feature Tina Turner’s “Rollin’ in the River,” and dancers will come into the aisles, empha­sizing the give and take of power between men and women. 

“You’ll see the human body pushed to extremes, in a good way!” Hobbs said. “It will be an uplifting per­for­mance.”

Hobbs said GDC is a great dance per­for­mance to see if you have never attended a dance concert before.

“I think it will be a very enjoyable program. And I think it’s important as a part of a liberal arts edu­cation to have a variety of expe­ri­ences, and I feel dance should be part of that,” Hobbs said. 

Fink agreed.

“If you only go to once dance-related per­for­mance in your entire life, let it be this,” Fink said. “Seri­ously, it will be incredibly enter­taining.”

Admission is free but tickets are required. To reserve tickets, contact