Todd Lan­caster | Courtesy

The Hillsdale College Ath­letic Department just released a new student loyalty program for the fall semester. 

At all upcoming, ticketed, on-campus sporting events, employees will scan student IDs to earn Super­charged Loyalty Points, which can be used to earn a mul­titude of prizes. These include t‑shirts, a Blue­tooth speaker, and a pizza party, among other rewards. 

Gwen­dolyn Buchhop, com­munity rela­tions coor­di­nator for ath­letics, said that the ath­letic staff was inter­ested in adding a fun, new twist to Hillsdale’s ath­letic events and rewarding the most fre­quent home game spec­tators.

“The ath­letic program is very grateful for our regular attendees, so we’re excited to be able to reward them for their support,” she said. 

Buschhop added that she hopes the loyalty program will incen­tivize those who only come to the odd vol­leyball match or football game to come support Hillsdale’s ath­letic teams more rou­tinely. 

The loyalty point system is designed on points accrued throughout the year. Prizes will be awarded both at random and by total points accu­mu­lated. 

“We hope to identify high point totals during the fall, winter, and spring seasons to rec­ognize the com­mitment of student attendance,”Associate Ath­letic Director Josh Calver said in an email. “In addition, awarding prizes at random will provide oppor­tu­nities for those stu­dents that cannot attend large numbers of events due to class loads and a busy schedule.”

Each ticketed home sporting event a student attends will be worth five loyalty points, and the student with the most accrued points at the end of the fall season will earn a pizza party for them and their friends at a home bas­ketball game.

Chris Gravel, vol­leyball coach and assistant ath­letic director, said he is a fan of the new program.

“We are always excited to see stu­dents in the crowd at our vol­leyball com­pe­ti­tions,” Gravel said. “The new loyalty program is a great way to keep the attendees involved at our home games. We look forward to seeing the stu­dents attend our matches and the support they bring for our program.”