Reagan Cool shows off her style at a restaurant in Chicago. Courtesy | Reagan Cool

Q: Who or what inspires your sense of fashion?

A: I love a clean, warm, simple, mono­chro­matic look. A pullover sweater or a button-down with a skirt or a pair of jeans, with snappy yet func­tional shoes, and a good pair of ear­rings. My style is inspired by my friend, Nicole Caruso. She started a concept called “worthy to wear.” So often, we leave our favorite pieces in our closet for months because we’re afraid of dam­aging them. If we never wear them, they are worthless and create clutter. I have really empha­sized investing in pieces I can wear to a variety of func­tions, varying in for­mality. I can wear my favorite sweater to work with a skirt and heels or to a party with a pair of jeans and mules. Nicole has also encouraged me to “dress up” when I don’t have to, which helps to inte­grate my “work” and “casual” wardrobe. 

Q: How has your style evolved from your freshman to senior year at Hillsdale?

A: Freshman year I was known for my bohemian style — I still run into friends on campus who bring up the evo­lution of my style. The summer before I left for WHIP, I got rid of at least half of my clothes. I was over­whelmed by having some­thing of every­thing and wanted a simpler, more suiting wardrobe. You don’t need that many clothes if you like every­thing you own. I focused on investing in quality pieces that I loved and, through that process, I curated my style over the last two years. 

Q: Do you pay attention to current trends or are you more of a trail­blazer when it comes to your style?

A: The world of fashion gets messier the closer you get to it, but I do love to follow the trends. The trends I follow most closely are Spanish bridal and New York street fashion. I am def­i­nitely a trend-fol­lower when it comes to hair — a simple center-part look is sleek, ladylike, and down to business. It’s also all over Spain. My favorite casual look is my favorite pair of jeans with a chunky sweater and mules, which I see in New York a lot. It’s easy and com­posed.

Q: Do you have any fall trend pre­dic­tions?

A: Ochre is firmly back in style (even though, as my grandma would chastise, it is nobody’s color). Con­tem­porary clogs are on their way in. Abstract, funky, and color-blocked ear­rings are def­i­nitely on their way if you haven’t gotten in on that trend already.

Q: Do you tend to focus more on one cat­egory rather than the other like clothes, shoes, or jewelry, or is your approach all-encom­passing?

A: I think pre­sen­tation is a huge part of style. I went through a preppy phase in high school, but I never really pulled it off because I couldn’t be bothered to spend time in the morning doing my hair or makeup. Now, I care more about taking that time for myself every morning. I enjoy the cre­ative and quiet outlet of putting on makeup. My jewelry is def­i­nitely char­ac­terized by ear­rings. I cannot turn down a good statement pair.