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Alumni will get the chance to compete with the current Hillsdale College Chargers in their old pool in the Blue-White Alumni Scrimmage on Sat­urday at 11 a.m.

This is only the second year that the team has opened the inter­squad meet to alumni, allowing them to compete against each other in 50-meter events between team events. Senior Taylor Steyer said that when they invited alumni to compete last year, it brought a “whole new element” to the event.

“It’s a way to see not just your four years here, but also further back,” Steyer said.

Head coach Kurt Kirner said he enjoys the home­coming scrimmage.

“It’s a fun oppor­tunity for those recently grad­uated to see old team­mates and for current swimmers to meet some of those who pre­vi­ously swam in the program,” he said.

The Chargers will split into two teams, blue and white, and race each other just as they would race outside teams. Each team member has to swim every event and will be scored by their total times. 

“It’s fun in the sense that you don’t just get to swim your strokes, you have to swim other strokes,” Steyer said. “I don’t think there’s as much pressure as there is when I’m only swimming my best event.”

The event is also a way to asses the team in the com­pe­tition envi­ronment before they begin the season. 

“We want the team to really embrace the chal­lenge of swimming every event,” assistant coach Zoe Tracey said. “We aren’t too con­cerned with their times at this point. The main goal is to create a meet envi­ronment and get the girls into a racing mindset.” 

Junior Kathrine Heeres reit­erated that idea, saying the inter-team com­pe­tition is a good way to gauge where she is at the start of the season.

“It’s really helpful to not go into our first meet without having raced,” Heeres said.

Heeres added that the alumni involvement makes the meet feel more like a real com­pe­tition than a practice day.

“It’s more fun than a normal practice. Home­coming week is so exciting anyway, and it plays into that,” Heeres said. “We’re a part of home­coming week.”