Posters in the Student Union | Madeline Peltzer

The Student Activ­ities Board has imple­mented a new system for hanging posters and adver­tise­ments in the Grewcock Student Union. 

Clubs and orga­ni­za­tions must now drop their posters off at the union front desk and staff will review and hang posters within 24 hours of their dropoff. All posters should include the event name, orga­ni­zation holding said event, date, time, and location.

The policy states that “adver­tising posted without the approval of the Front Desk will be removed” and graphics must be “infor­mative, appro­priate, timely, and easy to read.” 

The change comes after the unreg­u­lated poster boards became clut­tered with adver­tise­ments and announce­ments in pre­vious years. 

According to Alexandra Whitford, director of student activ­ities, the issue of the adver­tise­ments was raised in a meeting about improving the overall expe­rience of the Grewcock Student Union.

“The boards are becoming less useful as they are covered with layers of adver­tise­ments, and often included mul­tiple copies of the same graphics,” Whitford said. 

Whitford said the aim of the new policy is to help decrease the clutter from unof­ficial clubs and orga­ni­za­tions as well as to increase the overall effec­tiveness of the adver­tise­ments. 

“We want to focus the adver­tising boards on official clubs and orga­ni­za­tions, dorms, and campus depart­ments,” Whitford said.

Union employees have mixed opinions about the policy. Junior Jessie Collins does not view the change as ground­breaking. 

“It’s just to ensure the cred­i­bility of the groups adver­tising in the union,” Collins said. 

Senior Chloe Sparks is opti­mistic. 

“I think it’s a good way to organize adver­tise­ments for clubs and it helps the boards be more effective,” she said. “I have had to take a few posters down, but I’m sure people will learn quickly.”