Donald Trump, via Wiki­media Commons

Include hatred for Trump at the top of your resume, and you’ll be sure to land a job working in the media. The coor­di­nated attacks on Pres­ident Trump by the main­stream media have led to the cor­ruption of ethical jour­nalism.

In the past four years, the liberal media has done every­thing in its power to dele­git­imize and downplay Pres­ident Trump’s his­toric first term. The “fake news” era is a cul­tural byproduct of a dis­in­terest in sep­a­rating facts from feelings.

From the man­u­fac­tured Russian col­lusion story that dom­i­nated national head­lines across the country, to the mis­quoting of Pres­ident Trump’s com­ments about undoc­u­mented immi­grants, the polit­i­cally-correct media know­ingly mis­in­forms the American people, silences free speech, and pro­hibits open dis­course.

An excellent example is the cov­erage of Pres­ident Trump’s tweet about Rep. Elijah Cum­mings, D‑Md. Trump said Bal­timore “is a dis­gusting, rat and rodent-infested mess,” and called the city “filthy.”

After Trump’s tweet, liberal leaders and news pundits labeled Pres­ident Trump as a racist. Many news channels chose to engage in jour­nal­istic dis­honesty by para­phrasing and cre­ating head­lines that inten­tionally dis­torted the truth by omitting “rat and rodent” from Trump’s statement. For days, the liberal media spewed their own political nar­ra­tives in an attempt to create an emo­tional stirring and further alienate our pres­ident.

If those jour­nalists had actually fol­lowed their job description and dug deeper into the facts regarding the city of Bal­timore, they could have reported that USA Today ranked Bal­timore as the “Most Dan­gerous Big City” in 2018 and that the city has con­sis­tently been ranked one of the top ten most rat-infested cities, by Orkin’s yearly report.

If these reporters were inter­ested in being bipar­tisan and objective, they could have reported that when vis­iting Bal­timore in 2015, Sen. Bernie Sanders, D‑Vt., com­pared the dis­trict to a third-world country.

“Anyone who took the walk that we took around this neigh­borhood would not think that you are in a wealthy nation,” Sanders said. “You would think that you were in a third-world country.”

Sanders wasn’t labeled a racist for com­paring the city to a third-world country. He wasn’t demo­nized by the press for weeks after pointing out the facts.

The liberal media’s double standard is appalling. Since Pres­ident Trump’s election, 92 percent of all stories cov­ering his admin­is­tration have been neg­ative, according to Media Research Center.

Despite neg­ative media cov­erage of Pres­ident Trump’s first term, nearly four million jobs have been created and more Amer­icans are employed than ever before. American unem­ployment is at a 49-year low and the lowest ever in the history of our country for African-Amer­icans, His­panic-Amer­icans, and Asian-Amer­icans, according to the White House.

We, as American people dealing with a dis­honest media, have a chal­lenging job before us. We must decipher the truth from the lies and remove our feelings from the facts.

The Society for Pro­fes­sional Jour­nalists said, “Ethical jour­nalism should be accurate and fair. Jour­nalists should be honest and coura­geous in gath­ering, reporting and inter­preting infor­mation.”

A journalist’s ethical respon­si­bility is to report the facts regardless of the con­se­quences. They are to cover both the accom­plish­ments and down­falls of an admin­is­tration while refraining from altering the story to fit their own pre­con­ceived beliefs or ideas.

Jour­nalism was once admired and esteemed because of its ded­i­cation to reporting the truth and informing the public of both local and national affairs that impact our daily lives. Today, jour­nalism has become a breeding ground for false infor­mation and moral outrage.

Pres­ident Trump con­tinues to call attention to the fake news media that daily sac­rifice jour­nal­istic integrity in order to satisfy their own agendas. It’s time for jour­nalists to do their job and report the facts rooted in truth.

Ryan Young is a freshman studying rhetoric and public address.