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Hillsdale College received high marks from the Princeton Review in their 2020 college rankings.

Hillsdale College Pres­ident Larry Arnn said that while the college’s worth cannot be reduced to a sin­gular numerical measure, there is value to the Review’s rankings and that it’s nice to be rec­og­nized.

“We like it, and then we get back to work,” Arnn said.

The Princeton Review also named the Hillsdale Col­legian the third-best college news­paper nationally, an improvement on its fifth place ranking from the 2017 – 2018 school year.

“This national recog­nition is a won­derful tribute to our excellent and hard­working student jour­nalists,” John Miller, director of the Dow Jour­nalism Program, said in an email.

Hillsdale College pro­fessors ranked espe­cially high. The college received a No. 12 ranking for Pro­fessors Get High Marks and  for No. 13 Most Acces­sible Pro­fessors. Former Dean of Faculty Daniel Cou­pland said the high rankings of pro­fessors came as no sur­prise to him.

“The reason we scored so high is because of the quality of people we attract,” Cou­pland said. “The hiring process here is pretty rig­orous. It’s a demanding process. We get a lot of good people who are attracted to a liberal arts insti­tution and higher ed and stu­dents.”

Cou­pland attributed the high rankings for pro­fessor acces­si­bility to the structure of the college.

“You don’t really have to preach it,” Cou­pland said. “I don’t ever recall over the last two years ever having to tell a faculty member, ‘You need to reach out to your stu­dents more, or you need to be more acces­sible to stu­dents.’” 

Hillsdale’s student body also ranked on a number of dif­ferent lists. Hillsdale was rated second in the nation for Most Con­ser­v­ative Stu­dents and fourth for Most Reli­gious Stu­dents. Arnn said that while no ques­tions are asked about pol­itics or religion on the college’s appli­cation for admission, Hillsdale is open about the ideals and values of the college. 

“We argue that you have to study God if you’re going to study nature,” Arnn said. “Whether you’re reading pagan phi­losophy or Jewish phi­losophy or Christian the­ology, God is at the top. You have to study that. And, then you have our com­mitment to the Christian faith. We require stu­dents to respect that they don’t have to share it.”

As for the political ranking, Arnn said there’s no denying that the college has a con­ser­v­ative rep­u­tation. He dis­courages, however, anyone from choosing Hillsdale solely on that basis. 

“I always say you don’t even know what that word is,” Arnn said. “You should come to find out. Well, they find out and that pro­duces some­thing. I’ve read that stu­dents today, their time horizon goes back four years to when they got their first iphone or some­thing. Our stu­dents don’t have that time horizon; they have a longer one, and we hope that they develop an eternal one.”

Various student orga­ni­za­tions were rec­og­nized for their hard work. The college is fourth in the nation for Stu­dents Most Engaged in Com­munity Service, the same ranking it received last year. GOAL Director junior Michaela Peine said that while the ranking is a nice con­fir­mation of GOAL’s work in the com­munity, it’s not the program’s main focus. 

“If we can connect stu­dents to pro­grams that can benefit the com­munity, that’s what we focus on,” Peine said. “It’s nice to hear our work is being rec­og­nized, but we feel a lot of freedom to not chase that.”

  • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

    Great news, but as Pres­ident Arnn notes you take a second to reflect on it, then you get back to work. A great deal needs to be accom­plished at Hillsdale College in the coming years-the Capital cam­paign, for example. Does anyone at The Col­legian have a status on that?

    • Rogue A.I.

      Inter­esting com­ments from someone who didn’t even go to the college. It’s cool how you’re pre­tending to be an alumni.

      And there’s always a Capital cam­paign, genius? All Arnn knows how to do is raise money.

      • Jerry Tabac

        How do you know whether this person attended Hillsdale College or not? He’s com­menting on the article, you’re attacking him-If YOU attended Hillsdale, please don’t advertise the fact. You’re rude and boorish and I’ve noted you never seem to post any­thing pos­itive in this forum, just attack others that do. Grow up.

        • Jen­nifer Melfi

          We do know. He admitted it in com­ments last year. Are we really having this dis­cussion again? Mr. Tabac, do you have alzheimers?

          • Jerry Tabac

            Ms. Tabac, please. You appar­ently have recall issues. I chal­lenged you to provide the comment where Mr. Ypsi­lantis admitted that several months ago and you never pro­vided it. Or it lacked the context you describe. I’m still waiting.

          • Jen­nifer Melfi

            I’m Ms. Melfi, you are Mr. Tabac. Your alzheimers is acting up again and you are for­getting who you are and what you read. Go find that comment and read what I linked to below it.

          • Jerry Tabac

            I read your ref­er­enced comment last spring, but I don’t recall it sup­porting your broad-brush statement. Most likely you’re con­fused again. I think they make a drug now, Namenda , which can help you over the onset of age related memory issues. It’s sup­posed to also help with irri­tability, so there’s that!

          • Jen­nifer Melfi

            I’m glad you are taking Namenda, I don’t know what that is, but then again, I am not a senior citizen like you are. God bless your old soul.

          • Jerry Tabac

            Mr. Ypsi­lantis is right, you do have a mean streak.

          • Jen­nifer Melfi

            Dont forget your ATTAIN either mr. Tabac. You seem to be flowing it a lot on these articles

          • Jerry Tabac

            Try smoking a little herb before you post, it might make your com­ments more bearable and less boorish. Couldn’t hurt.

          • Camus53

            JT, Ypsi has never attended Hillsdale. Fact. Never.

            By his own admission he trolls here because he feels com­fortable amongst a largely con­ser­v­ative forum. A trump gadfly for sure.

            As for Ypsi’s obsession with Hillsdale…meh..I’ve learned oer the years to largely ignore his prattle. Oft humorous in how hard he tries to cheerlead for the school of his dreams.

          • Jerry Tabac

            Since you state it as a fact, you can obvi­ously provide the irrefutable evi­dence to support that statement. I’m waiting with baited breath.

          • Camus53

            I’d provide you with his own words but Ypsi long ago made his account private.

            But here’s the thing…Ypsi claims to love and cheerish the truth…how that fits in with donnie doofus I’ll never know.…why don’t you ask him yourself?

            You seem to have sud­denly “appeared” here with a new account just months ago…dare we ask you? alumni? or just trolling?
            See you at home­coming?

          • Jerry Tabac

            I’ll be there and hope to meet Mr. Ypsi­lantis. He gen­erally posts pos­itive thoughts, unlike others.

            I guess I’m not going to get your irrefutable evi­dence regarding Mr. Ypsi­lantis’ alumni status? Since you can’t provide facts to back up your alle­ga­tions about him, you might want to give your fin­gertips a sab­batical in that regard. Try posting some upbeat thoughts about Hillsdale College, that will make you stand out in this crowd.

  • Jen­nifer Melfi

    This article con­tains a falsehood spoken by dr. Arnn… it should say that “since 2015 we have made a verbal com­mitment to the christian faith” the school was not christian before that. Their current attempts are little more than a ploy for dona­tions

  • Jen­nifer Melfi

    The college wears these proudly when they mention them, but when they exclude hillsdale the same people lament how flawed they are. These are jd power pick your own awards. Nothing hillsdale should be proud of

  • Camus53

    A paid for fluff ranking. All the other rankings that came out this past year…ALL of them…do not have Hillsdale even appearing in their listings. That’s how bad the school has fallen not only in factual scoring but also rep­u­tation. While it is true the school began its mighty fall in the late ’70’s…it has now lit­erally dis­ap­peared from sight.
    Sad, but true.

    • Jerry Tabac

      Hillsdale College is rou­tinely ignored in these ratings because it refuses all federal funding and doesn’t comply with federal man­dates regarding admit­tance policy and such. That’s hardly per­jo­rative.

      I’m amazed the Princeton Review actually had the fairness to include HC this time, that’s unlike most com­monly rec­og­nized ratings orga­ni­za­tions to do that.

      • Camus53

        You will note their “dis­claimers” revealing Hillsdale’s pay to play.

        • Jen­nifer Melfi

          becoming a “fea­tured” school sud­denly moves you up all of the lists.

          • Camus53

            Being spon­sored and touted by Rush Lim­baugh also moves you up lists.

            Question being: what lists appealing to which people?