Sheridan Michaud built on her style while abroad last semester, cre­ating her city girl French chic while trav­elling. Sheridan Michaud | Courtesy

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: It’s a good balance between clean and classic and fun and edgy. One thing I always like about putting outfits together is having a single statement piece that stands out and ties it together. I’d say my style is city girl French chic. I like lots of plain colors. My go-to outfit is a white top, denim with white shoes. I like young and edgy but also clean and minimal.

Q: How do you see Hillsdale influence fashion?

A: The best part about college is exper­i­menting with your style before you enter the pro­fes­sional world and start wearing suits — which are my favorite, I think they’re so fun. I love pants and shoes — I am a huge advocate for power pants. It’s important to learn how to style your clothes because oth­erwise you’ll look the same as others in the business world. Find one or two things that help you stand out pro­fes­sionally. For me, I love my trench coat. Everyone needs a trench coat. And I think fun shoes make the world go round.

Q: When did you develop your style?

A: I’ve always been devel­oping my style, but last semester, living in Europe gave me the chance to refine it. I was walking 10 to 15 miles per day, so I like com­fortable and cute, which is very important in college too because I don’t want to be sitting in lecture halls for five hours in uncom­fortable clothing. I’m really thankful for Hillsdale and greek life for intro­ducing more pro­fes­sional casual attire. Prior to college, I had only worked at a bank, so I’ve always been super into two-piece suits and heels for women, but coming here I got to see a lot more color and pat­terns. College is all about exper­i­men­tation.

Q: What inspires your fashion?

A: I went to London Fashion week last semester and they were handing out fashion mag­a­zines that were so pretty. One of my room­mates, Dempsey Ewan, and I went through the fashion spreads and that’s what I used to cover holes in my wall. So I made these really cool col­lages of dif­ferent trends, like emerald and dewy orange are super in, and how they all work together to create a really pretty color palette for the season. Some­thing I really like is orga­nizing things until they’re visually pleasing. You can see that on my instagram, the way I design the feed. Once I fin­ished making all of it, I really liked it. I have emerald velvet pillows because that is one of the trends this season. I also enjoyed seeing street style during my time in Europe.