Hillsdale Col­lege’s new student handbook. Nolan Ryan | The Collegian

Hillsdale College has pub­lished a new student handbook on the purpose of aca­d­emics, the impor­tance of civility, and rules of conduct.

The booklet, titled “Being a Student at Hillsdale College,” fea­tures 22 pages on ques­tions such as “Why Do We Study?” and “What Kind of People Are We Trying to Be?” Appen­dices list rules and policies for students.

The booklet is intended to help stu­dents and their parents under­stand “the nec­essary nature of the part­nership between stu­dents, parents, and faculty/staff,” according to Dean of Men Aaron Petersen.

Petersen said the college wanted to emphasize the Honor Code and college policies. The rules in the new booklet have pre­vi­ously been pub­lished in the course cat­alogs and student planners. For the freshmen, Petersen said, the new booklet is a way to set them up for their time at Hillsdale, and for upper­classmen, it could serve as a good reminder.

“The booklet pro­vides a com­pi­lation of our policies and prac­tices into a unified and acces­sible resource,” Petersen said in an email. “It just made sense to put it all together in a handsome and helpful way.”

As part of an ongoing plan to rein­force the goals behind the Honor Code, the booklet was pub­lished after the school released a video about the Honor Code this summer.

The booklet was dis­tributed to freshmen on Sunday, and copies are still available in the deans’ offices. Petersen said his office is working with student leaders to determine ways to cir­culate the pub­li­cation more widely.

The booklet lists 17 rules on “proper student conduct.” These rules — which Hillsdale College Pres­ident Larry Arnn ref­er­enced in his speech at this year’s freshman con­vo­cation — have been a focus of the college for years, according to Petersen.

Arnn, in his speech, said that the Honor Code is meant to beckon students.

“It doesn’t restrict; it ele­vates,” Arnn said, adding that rules are sup­posed to be what we use when things go wrong.

Petersen noted that the booklet begins with the fun­da­mental goals and proper approach to being a Hillsdale student. Later on, it deals with the processes to be used “when a student breaks from his or her com­mit­ments as a student,” Petersen said.

One of the appen­dices details policies on sexual mis­conduct. Petersen said that last year, a number of stu­dents asked the college to “provide more infor­mation on sexual mis­conduct.” The appendix comes after the admin­is­tration announced last semester that it would provide more training on sexual assault pre­vention and reporting during ori­en­tation and in other programs.

“Any sexual assault — the impo­sition of sexual acts upon someone unwilling at the time to par­tic­ipate — is not only a gross failure to govern oneself, but vio­lates the rights and dignity of victim, the stan­dards of the Honor Code, and the basis of mem­bership in the College,” the booklet says.

The section also details the process for reporting sexual assault to college admin­is­trators, police, and coun­selors, as well how such reporting may be kept confidential.

The booklet con­tains two other sec­tions which deal with guide­lines for parties, alcohol, and the processes for student discipline.