The staff of the Winonna Yearbook will be hosting their first-ever reveal party in the Grewcock Student Union on Tuesday. Nolan Ryan | Col­legian

The 2018 – 2019 Hillsdale College yearbook will be revealed and available for pickup at a party in the Grewcock Student Union on Tuesday, April 30 – a change from releasing it the fall after a school year ends. 

“In the past, the year­books have come out in the fall for the pre­vious year, and we just felt like that was not con­ducive to stu­dents being excited about seeing the yearbook,” yearbook Editor-in-Chief junior Celina McGowan said.

According to McGowan, there will be two volumes to the yearbook this year – the main portion and a sep­arate portion that will be mailed to the seniors. This year’s book also fea­tures many more student-sub­mitted photos, McGowan said.

“We also included the GOAL pro­grams and the hon­o­raries, which we hadn’t really done in the past,” McGowan said, “and we did more Greek this year as well, which I’m really excited about.”

McGowan said every student is a sub­scriber to the yearbook, the Col­legian, and Tower Light by virtue of their student fees, so the actual yearbook will cost nothing, but there is a $5 fee for non-seniors to cover the cost of shipping.

Though this year’s year­books don’t follow spe­cific themes, the design for this one is simpler, according to Design Editor and senior Zane Miller.

“We’re going back to a more simple, clean design that feels a lot more Hillsdale,” Miller said. “You can see it on the shelf; it’s the ‘college blue.’ You’ll see, ‘OK, that’s the yearbook.’”

Miller said they wanted to make the yearbook easier to under­stand and emphasize the photos more.

“People are opening the yearbook, they’re opening to see pic­tures of them and their friends and the events and remember those,” Miller said.