After decades of faith­fully serving on the Hillsdale College Board of Trustees as both a member and its chairman, Bill Brodbeck ’66 is stepping down to retire.

His wisdom and guidance led the college through tumul­tuous events and years of success, and his influ­ential work will never be forgotten.

Mr. Brodbeck has helped shape the char­acter of the college, but he has also impacted the indi­vidual lives of stu­dents. Many of us know him from classes he and his wife, Janet, audited, and we learned from his helpful insight.

Senior Emma McCormick lives across the street from the Brod­becks, and was often a dinner guest in their home. Mr. Brodbeck is “incredibly kind, thoughtful, and intel­ligent,” eager to serve those around him and learn from others, despite his many years of edu­cation and experience.

“Mr. Brodbeck truly loves Hillsdale College, and learning about all he has done for the school — even before many stu­dents were born — is an encour­aging reminder that there are a few excep­tional, quality people in this world, and we are priv­i­leged to be able to studying a place where many of them together,” she said.

As an alumnus, he sets an example for Hillsdale College grad­uates with his com­mitment to the college and its values, his indus­tri­ousness, and his humility.

His kindness and ded­i­cation to truth mirror the prin­ciples Hillsdale was built on. The college’s first chairman of the board, Edmund Fair­field, prayed on July 4, 1853 that “the walls reared upon this foun­dation stand for ages to come, sacred as well to freedom, humanity, phil­an­thropy, and true patri­otism, as to sound science, pure morality, and true religion.”

Thanks to Mr. Brodbeck, Fairfield’s prayer remains answered. Hillsdale’s walls stand tall and its stu­dents remain com­mitted to the pursuit of noble things.

Mr. Brodbeck leaves a legacy that will not be easily matched, and we will miss him. Thank you, Mr. Brodbeck.