The Hillsdale Health and Wellness Center moved to the Kroger Plaza this week. Courtesy | Jeremiah Hod­shire

The Hillsdale Health and Wellness Center moved from its Bacon Street office to the former Center for Family Health — Hillsdale location at the Kroger Plaza this week. The center will maintain the same model of patient care it had before but with more space for patient care and in a more acces­sible location, said Jeremiah Hod­shire, vice pres­ident of business and orga­ni­za­tional devel­opment at Hillsdale Hos­pital.

“Patient volumes con­tinued to swell,” Hod­shire said, noting that the center “outgrew” its former facility. “We have beau­ti­fully ren­o­vated exam rooms, state of the art tech­nology, all the same ser­vices and more that we held on Bacon. Now it’s bigger, better, more con­ve­nient location for our com­munity.”

The center’s new building is about five times the size of the pre­vious one, Hod­shire said, with twelve patient exam rooms instead of four. At the center are four nurse prac­ti­tioners and medical director Kurt Roecker (who also oversees Litch­field and Reading loca­tions). Molly Parker, a primary care physician, is moving her practice to the center as well.

Hillsdale Hos­pital pur­chased the center in July 2018 and has seen steady traffic, Hod­shire said. Patients even come to the clinic from other counties, he added.

The center’s walk-in clinic offers flex­i­bility for patients, Hod­shire said, noting that it’s one of the only such clinics open seven days a week in the county. Its hours extend into the early evening.

“It helps us keep people out of the emer­gency room,” he said. “That’s not the right place for patients who are not truly sick with an emer­gency-type illness.”

Hod­shire said the center moved equipment on Friday and Monday, reopening Tuesday this week. Part of the tran­sition involves inte­gration of a new elec­tronic medical records system called “EPIC.” The center’s staff will receive training on the system for the next two weeks.

Kurt Roecker, the center’s medical director, said he is excited for the oppor­tu­nities the new location pro­vides.

“It’s an excellent location, much improved from the pre­vious clinic. Logis­ti­cally it’s in an area to the town, college —  it’s a win-win across the board,” he said. “I think we’ll con­tinue to be a busy active clinic serving the needs of the com­munity.”