Senior officers from the Class of 2019 and Class of 2020 pose at the Junior Legacy Dinner. Ryan Murphy | Courtesy

Adam Buchmann is the new senior class pres­ident after officers announced the voting results for the incoming class of 2020 officers, Monday night at the Junior Legacy Dinner.

The board also con­sists of Lukas Swenson as vice pres­ident, Reagan Cool as sec­retary, Lizzie Leathers as trea­surer, Hadiah Ritchey as social chair, and Lucy Meckler as fundraising chair.

“My initial reaction was one of general excitement for the next year and the many endeavors the position entails,” Buchmann said. “I’m very excited to get the team together to make senior year a great one.”  

Current Senior Class Pres­ident Ryan Kelly Murphy said the class officers play an important role in setting the tone of seniors’ final year at Hillsdale. Respon­si­bil­ities include event planning, orga­nizing elec­tions for the class officers behind them, helping to select the com­mencement speaker, and orches­trating the senior class gift. Through this year’s election process, Murphy said she’s been encouraged by how many people have stepped forward to serve.

“I give my warmest con­grat­u­la­tions to the rising seniors and leaders of the class of 2020,” she said. “They’re truly a group of won­derful people of upstanding char­acter. They each bring amazing and unique talents and qual­ities to the table and it will be fun for everyone on campus to see how those come together. They are each so deserving, and I’m thrilled for them to start this journey.”

John Quint, assistant director of Career Ser­vices, serves as the adviser for the senior class officers and said he’s looking forward to working with the new team.

“I think they have a good group,” he said. “From my position, it’s always fun to be part of the panel because they come up with fresh ideas and get to cul­tivate the moments for their fellow class members that bring them all together to cel­e­brate the fact that they’re grad­u­ating and have com­pleted four years of this journey together.”

As pres­ident, Buchmann said he hopes to create an atmos­phere of inclusion.

“A lot of times, senior events are placed at times that don’t work for all seniors or aren’t events that everyone would enjoy,” he said. “I want to do events that are all-encom­passing and will get everyone involved in their senior year.”

Swenson echoed Buchmann’s vision.

“For the rising seniors, we are here to rep­resent the class of 2020,” he said in a message. “Feel free to approach me with ques­tions or com­ments on how we can make the coming year as impactful as pos­sible.”

As she and her fellow officers prepare to pass the torch, Murphy offered a piece of advice.

“Be cre­ative, think outside the box, and always be willing to step up and do some­thing even when it’s not asked of you,” she said. “But also just enjoy the expe­rience. Have fun in the process, and everyone will have fun with you.”