After nearly two years and more than $25 million, the Mueller inves­ti­gation ended with the finding that special counsel Robert Mueller “did not establish that members of the Trump cam­paign con­spired or coor­di­nated with the Russian gov­ernment.”

This finding, however, directly con­tra­dicts the bold asser­tions of many Demo­c­ratic pres­i­dential hopefuls.

For example, Beto O’Rourke claimed, “You have a pres­ident, who in my opinion, beyond the shadow of a doubt, sought to, however ham-handedly, collude with the Russian gov­ernment — a foreign power — to undermine and influence our elec­tions, the sanctity of the ballot box, the ability for each and every single one of us to make informed deci­sions about those who seek to rep­resent us and hold posi­tions of public trust.”

Likewise, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said, “We have foreign powers infecting the White House like malware.”

And Sen. Kirsten Gilli­brand (D-N.Y.) wrote on Twitter that

“a cam­paign for Pres­ident of the United States should never be in the business of scheming with foreign adver­saries to tamper with our elec­tions. I just thought that went without saying.”

Although all of these state­ments were an attempt to smear Trump by painting him as an agent of the Russian gov­ernment who stole the 2016 election, they do make a valid point. As Gilli­brand said, pres­i­dential cam­paigns should never collude with foreign nations, and I believe that is an idea that all Amer­icans, regardless of party, believe in.

If the Democrats truly believe this, they should take a pledge to imme­di­ately appoint a special counsel to inves­tigate their own cam­paigns if elected pres­ident. I’m not accusing any of the current Demo­c­ratic can­di­dates of col­lusion, but pres­i­dential cam­paigns are vast, sprawling appa­ra­tuses, and the can­didate at the top cer­tainly does not know every action that every employee takes.

With that in mind, in the interest of pro­tecting the integrity of our elec­tions and the office of the pres­i­dency, the Demo­c­ratic can­di­dates for Pres­ident should commit to allowing an unbiased, outside observer to take a close look at all of the inner workings of their cam­paigns if they are elected to ensure that every­thing is on the up-and-up. In doing so, they would ensure that the will of the American people is truly rep­re­sented and prove that their con­dem­na­tions of foreign col­lusion with a pres­i­dential cam­paign are more than just empty political rhetoric.

Connor Kaeb is a George Wash­ington Fellow and a sophomore studying Pol­itics.

  • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

    This whole Russian col­lusion non­sense was a farce from the beginning and the folks who sub­mitted the Steele dossier as primary jus­ti­fi­cation for the FISA warrant knew that. So we ended up spending $ 40 million of the tax­payers money on a par­tisan witch hunt that never should have hap­pened.

    Heads need to role and we can start with James Comey, the Ohr’s, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, John Brennan and James Clapper. And that’s just the start, as I’m sure one of these rats will turn on Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder or even former Pres­ident Barack Obama himself-in order to save their own arse from a long prison sen­tence for SEDITION. If AG Bill Barr doesn’t hold these folks accountable for their law breaking, it will happen again. Guar­anteed.

    And Hillary Clinton needs to be held to accounts for her law breaking, including the inten­tional destruction of subpoena’d com­puter memory drives, doc­u­ments and smart phones. She has gotten away with her criminal behavior long enough.

    Justice delayed is Justice denied, time for these folks to be indicted for the crimes they com­mitted. Any­thing less than that is rubbish.