Central Coast Design, also known as Pre­cision Metal, received an indus­trial tax abatement for its new factory in Hills­dale’s Indus­trial Park. Courtesy Photo

The Hillsdale City Council voted unan­i­mously Monday night to approve a ten year indus­trial tax abatement for Central Coast Design’s new factory in Hillsdale at 245 Mechanic Road. The abatement will save Central Coast Design over $12,000 over a period of ten years.

Mayor Adam Stockford said Monday that the new facility brings Hillsdale Indus­trial Park to full capacity with the exception of the unused green­space.

Central Coast Design is owned by Hillsdale County native Alan Russell and the company spe­cializes in making dec­o­rative metal signs for homes. Russell moved the business from Jonesville to Hillsdale in December of 2018.

The Col­legian reported April 11 on the rapid expansion of the business, which grew from Russell and three employees in 2017 to a 28 person company by 2018. Central Coast Design’s signs have recently started selling outside of the United States.

Central Coast Design has already invested over $98,000 dollars in the new facility, which is 36,000 square feet. The appli­cation for an indus­trial facility tax abatement said the factory may add as many as 30 new jobs within the next two years.

“I’m pleased to see Russell expanding in Hillsdale because of the success story and the jobs he is bringing to Hillsdale, the county we grew up in,” said Ward 4 Coun­cilman Ray Briner, who, like Russell, went to North Adams-Jerome high school. “It is a prime example of the ‘American Dream’ and he is achieving it. I’m happy for him and hope he has nothing but success.”

Several council members praised Russell’s decision to move to Hillsdale for dif­ferent reasons. Ward 3 Coun­cilman Bruce Sharp said he was glad to see jobs coming to Hillsdale.

“I don’t care if its one job or twenty jobs or one hundred jobs, it means somebody is back to work and making an income,” Sharp said.

According to Eco­nomic Devel­opment Coor­di­nator Kelly LoPresto, Central Coast Design’s new facility is in a building that was once con­sidered for a medical mar­i­juana growing business. Lopresto said in an email that the council took a stand against that business.

“I’m glad to see someone wants to develop in Hillsdale, there was an empty building,” Sharp said. “The pre­vious thing we were not in favor of, and it’s good to see a business move in there that we are in favor of.

Ward 4 Coun­cilman Matthew Bell praised the measure because it reduced the amount of taxes paid by a local business.

“We’re letting people keep more of their own money. That’s a thumbs up,” Bell said.