College Chaplain Adam Rick and Director of Health Ser­vices Brock Lutz will take a group of stu­dents to Lutheran Monastery this weekend for a time of spir­itual renewal. Pexels

Director of Health and Wellness Brock Lutz and College Chaplain Rev. Adam Rick will be taking a small group of stu­dents to the Lutheran Monastery for a weekend of spir­itual and physical rest.

“It may seem over­whelming to stu­dents to take two days off of homework, but I am often encour­aging stu­dents to take more seri­ously rest for their souls,” Father Adam said. “If you don’t take rest, you will burn out quickly.”  

Rick and Lutz delib­er­ately chose a weekend in the semester that isn’t too aca­d­e­m­i­cally strenuous for stu­dents.

The main purpose of the retreat is to spend a couple days in rest and prayer in a Bene­dictine monastery. The chapel is open to stu­dents outside of ser­vices for per­sonal med­i­tation, and the garden is open for walks.  

Alumni Griffith Brown of ’17 went with the first group last year and has gone back several times with Lutz and by himself.

“The monastery pro­vides a unique space to spend time with God, with lots of silence in the afternoon and after dinner,” Brown said. “Chanting the Psalms back and forth is a dif­ferent way of encoun­tering Scripture and Jesus, and it was ben­e­ficial because it got me out of my way of thinking.”

This year’s retreat is unique because it will coincide with the Lenten season. Rick explained that the ser­vices will be dif­ferent than past trips.

Par­tic­i­pants are asked to donate $30 to the Monastery to help fund their ser­vices and replenish their sup­plies.  

  • Jen­nifer Melfi

    this is so weird. I don’t even think they do stuff like this at Wheaton or Bob Jones. It’s really kind of creepy and odd. If this stuff happens, that is fine, but no need to bring it out in the open. Please, don’t ask, don’t tell, behind closed doors only.

  • Camus53

    Whoa. No I don’t think so. “Chanting the Psalms back and forth”. Sounds like a Jim Jones mind control session.

    BTW, may I ask Mr. Brown, which of the thou­sands of gods does he pray and chant to?

    The Col­legian seems to have its own recent obsession with reli­gious pros­e­ly­tizing. At times fully half the articles about religion and being saved. Are stu­dents there so mis­erable nowadays that they have to resort to being saved in order just to live?

    Look within brothers and sisters, not without. The answers are all there waiting for you.